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Default If Sonic CD was on Nintendo Switch what do you want to see on it?

I would like to see North American Past music instead of Japanese Past music being reused and I want to see multiplayer as well as Knuckles.

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If this is a pointless thread then you can delete it
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typicality nonsensical
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FYI both regions share the same music when itís Past.

edit~ oh if youíre talking about newly-composed past music to supplement the us stage tracks then yeah thatíd be rly cool
I like remastering MIDIs? Oh I guess there's no harm in a few minutes of your time.

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Monster Iestyn
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At this point I'd be surprised if Sonic Team actually decided to make those "missing" past themes for the US soundtrack. After all, they could have done that with the 2011 rerelease but they ...didn't.
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Yes I mean newly-composed past music for the US stage tracks, Katwover
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I do things sometimes
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If it was my decision?

* Knuckles and maybe some other character as playable options. Preferably, some new character playstyle I've never played before (though honestly, that's just kind of a general Sonic game "want" from me).
* Some different time zone progression options. For example, having an option to start the next level in the time zone of the previous act, or being able to start all zones in the past or future, etc.
* Non-shitty time travel mechanics. (IMO, the super peelout should just trigger time travel automatically.)
* A real final boss, and maybe a hard mode. Honestly, Sonic CD is really easy.

Originally Posted by the1999kid View Post
I would like to see North American Past music instead of Japanese Past music
Definitely agreed on this one; the disparity between the past tracks and the US tracks has always irked me a little bit.

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Probably some more well hidden secrets.

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If Sonic CD were to be ported to the Switch, it would probably just be the Sonic CD Mobile/PC remake Taxman and others worked on. This isn't a bad thing, it's a very good port including Tails, widescreen support, as well as allowing you to pick your choice of soundtrack.
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guys is it still 2006?
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Lose the bullshit UFO special stages. Sonic 2 style would be way better.
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