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Old 07-15-2017   #141
Metal Blake
Here dozes the masked clown
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Upon seeing the title of this thread, one game definately came to mind:


Most people seem to hate the game, saying it's an Overwatch clone (which is false, not only was it announced and released before Overwatch, but it is also much more MOBA-like than Overwatch), some saying they absolutely hate the art style, and some just flat out hate it for reasons I can't explain.

I've found however that I enjoy the game. The campaign is fun and provides some challenge whether you are playing solo or in a full team of 5, the multiplayer is enjoyable and free (at least when you aren't getting stomped by a 5-man premade that has been playing since release), and I personally love the characters and the fact that all of them are insane in their own ways, from Marquis' irrational hatred of poor people and liberal arts majors to Kid Ultra basically being a hero from a kid's game thrust into the world of a T-rated game. In fact, I personally like these characters more than Overwatch's, as crazy as that may sound to some.

I also love that they managed to find a viable way to have a somewhat traditional FPS have both ranged and melee characters and have all be viable pics, as it adds more variety to not only the gameplay, but to character designs since they can also use melee weapons as their primary weapon rather than as a side weapon. This means you can get characters like ISIC with his charge cannon and Ghalt with his revolver-shotgun mixed in with characters like Boldur with his axe and shield and Attikus with his giant robot arm.

Also, while most people just pass it off as a shitty Mario Kart clone, I really like Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed. I personally found it really fun with some cool maps and a good collection of characters from SEGA's history, alongside a few other characters that have little to nothing to do with SEGA.
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Old 07-15-2017   #142
Happy person
Default My Life story in nutshell.

EVERY SINGLE SONIC GAME EVER, because our country was on crack and still is.
Only reason why I like sonic games is because my brain can relax after stupid ton of bullcrap from Life. I just need that Simplistic Crack or I will die because of cringe.
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Old 07-16-2017   #143
What part of 'RETIRED' don't you understand?
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Among this crowd, Wolfenstein: The New Order and associated titles. I just wish it had modding capability, because I could see a lot of people producing some really great stuff for it.
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Old 07-16-2017   #144
PK3 Fetishist
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Doom and Sonic Titles, at least where I live.
Sonic 3D Ass : Horrible camera island.
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Old 07-17-2017   #145
The infractions whore ;)
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This one should be easy; Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.

The game is hated all around the Sonic community. But I see potential in it, too bad Sega doesn't take risks to remake this game, instead, they leave it to their fans to make remakes of bad games. In this case, Sonic 06 is being remade by 2 people, which may I add, is gonna make the game have a bit more love from the fanbase.
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Old 07-18-2017   #146
or Clutsi
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Geometry Dash
I have seen too much people hating this game but i like it. Principally for the Level Editor and Online levels

Spoiler: and
and because i have beaten 5 demos

AND Subspace Emissary wasn't a waste of everyone's time.
So many tries defeating Tabuu :C (My Brother defeated it 90% fast lol)
I sometimes look at this

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Old 10-19-2017   #147
The Sin Heartless

Destiny. The final game was solid, with great gameplay, rich lore, somewhat good loot system and some great moments within the storyline, including a climactic Oryx battle. It was surprisingly good at its best and somewhat harmless at its worst.

Do I forgive developers for shady business practices, micro-transactions or overhyping? NO WAY! Did I get ticked off by the game's community? Yes, and that's no good. But it is one of the better triple-A games where the developers weren't completely ripping you off, and actually released an edition with all the DLC for lower price. Many people despised it mostly for its poor launch, but for me it was an experience worthy of my time.
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Old 10-29-2017   #148
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Sonic 3d blast
Sonic Riders
Simpsons: Road Rage
Spongebob's truth or square
The Spongebob movie game
Sonic Lost World
Sonic R
Sonic the Fighters
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Old 10-30-2017   #149
Little Monster
STHE123O's Avatar

Sonic 06. I love it and I dont think it should be remade or anything. A shame that it was rushed though.
Also Yooka Laylee, an actual good game that everyone loves to hate. I adore it and is one of my favorite non Sonic games!
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Old 10-31-2017   #150
ms reflec beat stan
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Yo this is another fantastic opportunity to espouse how much I frickin love Donkey Kong 64. I hear so many people talk about how terrible and overdone it was, or how it "killed the collect-a-thon", and I just... legitimately have trouble understanding where they're coming from. There's so much in it to do, and granted, if you're trying to beat the game and be done with it, then it throwing a bunch of game-wide collectible gates at you at the end stinks, but I love gathering up all of those stupid little baubles and getting to run around all of the maps so much with purpose and it's still my favorite videogame of all time, even if I probably won't go for 101% again.
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Old 10-31-2017   #151
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a lot of people hate minecraft now but it honestly chills me out a lot just messing around in singleplayer for a bit. it's too bad there are hardly any good servers up these days, to my knowledge anyway
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Old 10-31-2017   #152
I do things sometimes
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I actually liked Minecraft more when it was in alpha TBH. Hunger system and regenerating health just didn't do it for me.

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Old 10-31-2017   #153
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the thing that was fun to me about multiplayer was out-surviving everyone and getting further up in technology if that makes any sense :p but at the same time yeah, classic minecraft definitely has its own charm to it and the game right now is basically totally different
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Old 11-02-2017   #154
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Sonic CD. Opinions have shifted on its quality recently.
our game
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Old 11-02-2017   #155
Lazy Artist ≖‿≖

I absolutely love Sonic and the Black Knight for its story, setting and music alone. I also really like Secret Rings for the exact same reasons.
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