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Oh snap, this thread reminds me of the days when I tried experimenting with alternate colors for 2.0 back in like, 2014 or so.
Most of them were pulled from other sources but there were a few that I crafted myself, mostly below Dark Gray.

And as a quick experiment here's the Amber, Cerulean, Diamond, Grape, Mango, Persian Blue, Pistachio, Salmon, and Turquoise from that list applied onto the template, using the exact color schemes from the list. I may improve on these colors or design a few more with the new 2.2 color palette if I'm feeling adventurous.

Either way I am hugely in favor of this improved palette selection, especially the option to save it as a default. Sapphire looks like my kind of color.

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Hijacking the thread. (or is it rejacking? eh, either way)

I made a collection of true color skin colors, and wanted to know what your thoughts were on them, as well as what truecolor versions of other skincolors other members of the community have made. This does not have any devs behind it, so don't expect anything to be made of them: I just want to know what creative liberties the community makes if they were not limited to the SRB2 Palette when it comes to skin colors.

From top to bottom, you have true color versions of Slate, Flame, and 2.1 Teal.

But yeah, let me know what you think, and what you have yourselves.

EDIT: I touched up flame to be a bit more orange. The paletted version is below, to be used for comparison.

EDIT2: Aether!

"ringslinger is more unbalanced than sonics thok" -White, 11/6/2017

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