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Old 08-18-2004   #1
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Default Member Purge and Small Rules Modification

I did a purge of the forum member list again. I don't know how many people I deleted, but it's a lot. Also, I did a small update to the rules text, because it still pointed to #srb2netgame on Mysteria. It now points to #srb2general and #srb2 on AccessIRC.
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Old 01-26-2005   #2

Hi I am a ghost. I haven't been here and I don't want my name deleted.
I am not a Californian
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Old 01-26-2005   #3

I won't be using this charicter anymore because i have a new email and i lost my password so i will be starting a new charicter. My charicter i wanted deleted is Shadow bane.
Old 01-26-2005   #4

.... um, that was totally pointless... and notice this was made about 6 months ago, last year, August. seriously, that was totally pointless.... *knows hes gonna get in trouble too....*
Old 01-26-2005   #5
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No, it wasn't.
Mystic purges people who have 0 posts. If you are just a lurker, then you don't post, but you don't want your account deleted, either. So, you post once, and then just hang around without having your account deleted. See?
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Old 01-26-2005   #6
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Zash, no ONLY you will get in trouble. You need to stop attacking people when they're doing something that makes perfect sense.

Because you don't have enough sense to figure out whether or not someone is being intelligent, how about you not insult people at all so you can't possibly make an utter retard of yourself?
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