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Default New forums, and an announcement as to why.

Looking at the forum, you'll notice that it has expanded a bit in the past few weeks. More users, more problems, and now, more forums.

The reason for the influx of users I don't really know, but I have to make it a little easier to manage, with administrative action actually being needed to be taken.

There are three forums recently added:

Archives I added a while back, and it is for the archival of topics that are useful or informative, separating them from the generic topics of the forums where they came from. This allows newer members to be pointed to the archives when they ask questions instead of writing answers from scratch.

Announcements, the forum you're currently in, is for just that, announcements, so I can make it clear when things are actually occurring in the forums and why.

The Hidden Palace is a forum I didn't reinstate from before the crash that you probably never knew about. It is the moderator and administrator chat, used for talking about bans and other private material. It is needed again because the forum has grown to have problematic users again.

What does this all mean to you? A few things:

1. If you have had any administrative action taken against you before today, please mention it so I can re-instate your avatar priviledges. Past this point, I will log who I revoke privileges so I can re-instate them in time instead of needing to ask.

2. There are a lot of newbies around. Please, don't kill them. 99% of you started out just as stupid as them, if not worse, so cut them some slack. They'll get better with time or they'll be banned, it's as simple as that.

3. Don't act dumb yourself. Read the rules. Really easy one.

These simple things will help smooth the transition from a small board into a moderate-size community, so please have patience on the way.
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