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Default Splatoon 2 Professional Plays Srb2 with Motion Controls

So through the power of using Steam and my Nintendo Switch Controller, I thought it would be a pretty cool idea to see what Srb2 would be like if you where to use Motion Controls.

Figured since this game has many different ways to change the controls I could set them up to play how Splatoon would. A little different since that game is primarily Third Person and the optimal way to play Srb2's Match Gametype would be first person. However, it seemed to play pretty well!

Important things I think that you'd want to use is having "Center View" button mapped and of course using Joystick Controls for left and right to turn ONLY left and right (Y axis unless comfortable will only mess up the way you hold the controller).

Figured i'd post this here since i feel the concept was pretty cool and in action can be quite fun.

(Don't mind the title it was an April Fools joke to my Splatoon Viewers as they probably have no idea what Srb2 even is).
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Thank you for reminding me that the OST to Digimon Rumble Arena exists. Just took a fun trip down memory lane.
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