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Old 04-06-2014   #41
Permanently Banned

Originally Posted by Rob View Post
Up/Down/Left/Right - Obvious
Where things go crazy:
D for jump, S for spin, A for fire
W for strafe right, Q for strafe left
Space to toss flag, E to swap rings
Playing it as i was playing Classic DOS Games =D
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Klinx the Weasel
a.k.a Luna
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Originally Posted by Jellybones View Post
That's really neat. How do you do that? I've got an N64 controller, but it'd be pretty cool if I could use my Saturn controller with SRB2. I tried my PS3 with ds3 tool but I don't like the d-pad on those controllers for anything other than fighting games.
I have a Nintendo 64 to USB adapter I bought off of Amazon. It also works for Playstation controllers but I don't have one, so. It was pretty cheap too if I remember correctly, like around $10.

I have no idea if they have something like that for the Saturn or not. They might, but then again they might not since it wasn't the most popular console. XP
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ms reflec beat stan
fickleheart's Avatar

I have a PS1/N64/Saturn to USB adapter but it cost me three times as much as Klinx's and there's no brand anywhere on the device that I can look up an Amazon link with. (I don't use it for SRB2, anyway.) So Saturn adapters do exist.
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Old 04-06-2014   #44
Phil the hegi
Absolute Nonsense
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Arrow keys: Movement (Forward, backward, turn)
W = jump
S = spin
Q = strife left
E = strife right
F = Ring toss normal
D = ring toss
1 = prev weapon
2 = next weapon
R = flag toss
ZXC = custom actions
And a few others i cant remember.

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Old 04-06-2014   #45
Vlad Freeman

Here's mine:
1-4: First four weapons
E:Grenade Ring
R: Explosion ring
F: Rail Ring
Toss Flag
V: chasecam toggle; cam_dist_200;
X: cam_dist 200; gr_fov 90 Cam_dist 200 is very useful if you play as Knuckles.
MOUSE1: Fire
MOUSE2: Mouselook toggle (turns on when the button is held)
': Team chat
T, Y, G: Custom Actions

SPACE: Jump.

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Old 04-07-2014   #46
Knuckles MetalMind
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For Single Player:
Movement: Arrow keys.
Jump: Space.
Spin: F.

For Multiplayer:
Movement: WASD.
Jump: Space.
Spin: F.
Aim: Mouse
Shoot: Left click on mouse.

I know it may seem awkward to use both arrow and WASD, but I´m fine with both settings and I prefer arrow keys for single player and WASD for multiplayer games.
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Old 04-08-2014   #47
Backseat Developer
Rumia1's Avatar

For me it all depends on what I'm playing for, if I am playing either match or with the portal gun mod, I'll use these controlls (keyboard/mouse)

W = Forward
S = Back
A = Strafe Left
D = Strafe Right
Space = Jump
Shift = Spin
Left Mouse = Throw Ring/Blue Portal
Right Mouse = Ring Throw Normal/Orange Portal
Q = Toss Flag
Scroll Wheel/1-7 = Weapon Select

However, if I'm playing single-player, and too lazy to use my PSP as a gamepad, I'll use this (analog mode enabled):

Up Arrow = Forward
Down Arrow = Back
Left Arrow = Turn Left
Right Arrow = Turn Right
D = Jump
S = Spin
A = Throw Ring/Custom Keys
Q = Rotate Camera Left
W = Rotate Camera Right

And finally, if I'm playing singleplayer or co-op and I want/need my PSP as a gamepad, here's what I have the buttons mapped to (once again analog mode enabled):

D-pad/Analog Up = Forward
D-pad/Analog Down = Back
D-pad/Analog Left = Turn Left
D-pad/Analog Right = Turn Right
X = Jump
O = Spin
Square = Throw Rings
Triangle = Reset Camera
L = Rotate Camera Left
R = Rotate Camera Right
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Old 04-08-2014   #48
Aka Hinote
Alice's Avatar

I remember a similar thread like this one, but I don't even remember my old keyboard/control layout. I don't think it has changed.

Forward = W
Reverse = S
Strafe Left = A
Strafe Right = D
Jump = Z or Right Click
Spin = Left Shift
Next Weapon = E
Previous Weapon = Q
Right Toss = Right Click
Normal Ring Toss = C
Toss Flag = F
Reset Camera = Left Control or Caps Lock
Mouselook = Space
Custom Ability 1 to 3 = 1, 2, 3

It's pretty basic I believe, I'm that one person that likes to control their character using Mouselook so I like to spam and hold space bar a lot.
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Old 04-08-2014   #49

As long as we can customize out layouts noone will ever complain, however the game uses a US type of keyboard instead of the one i have so some keys are different, doesnt matter in settings, does matter in chat a lot
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Old 05-19-2014   #50
What am I again?
TOGM95's Avatar

Alone or with my sister layout is:
WASD: Movement+Strafing
Space: Jump
Shift: Spin
123456789: Weapon selection
Q: Prev. Weapon
E: Next Weapon
Mouse 1: Shoot
G: Toss Flag
Z: Change skin, name and color
X: Same
C: Same
V: Toggle Chasecam
T: Say
B: Custom Action 1
N: Custom Action 2
M: Custom Action 3

When with some friends at splitscreen:

Arrows: Movement+Strafing
Numpad 3: Jump
Numpad 2: Spin
Numpad 7: Next Weapon
Numpad 8: Prev. Weapon
Numpad 4: Custom Action 1
Numpad 5: Custom Action 2
Numpad 6: Custom Action 3

Yep, too massively.
FNaF happened! (like 5 months!)

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Old 05-19-2014   #51
Puppyfaic's Avatar

Singeplayer: Controller
Multiplayer: WASD + Mouse(Right Mouse = Jump, Mouse Wheel = Spin, Left Mouse = Custom 1/Ringsling)
Originally Posted by Frostay
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Old 05-19-2014   #52
あなたは私の日本のユーザ名が好きですか ?
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So, here i go!

UDLR: Movement.
Jump: Z
Spin: X
Strafe Left/Right: Left CTRL/Left ALT.
Toss Flag: F
Next/Prev Weapon: Q/E
Ring Toss/RT Normal: C/V
Rotate Camera Left/Right: [ and ]
Mouse Look: Mouse Movement
Center Camera: LMB
Reset Camera: R
Toggle Chasecam: B
Custom Action 1/2/3: A/S/D
Pause: Enter
Console: | (Left of the 1 number [Not on the numpad])

So, that's all, I think :V?
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Old 05-19-2014   #53
My work is never done yet
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Sure, why not?

Single Player

Movement: Arrows
Strafing: WASD
Jump: Z
Spin: X
Custom 1: C
Custom 2: V
Custom 3: F
Toggle perspective: H
Camera reset: N


Strafing: WASD
Camera look: Mouse
Jump: E
Spin: R
Fire: Mouse 1
Fire Normal: Mouse 2
Switch weapons: 1-7
Cycle weapons: Q
Toss flag: G
Talk: T
Team talk: Y
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Old 05-19-2014   #54
Metal Blake
M O T I V A T E D.
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Pff, keyboard layouts...

Horrible attempts to act like a condescending jack*** aside, I actually use a PS3 controller for SRB2. Eh, I'll post it anyway (Note: I tried to [loosely] base the controls off of that of Borderlands 2, although the R2 and L2 buttons are disliked by SRB2 for some reason)

Start: Obviously Pause (wish it also acted like hitting Escape and entering the actual menu)
Select: Toggle Chasecam
Left Control Stick: Move Player
Right Control Stick: Move camera
X: Ring Toss
O:Ring Toss Normal
Square/Triangle: Scroll through Weapon Rings
L3: Stats or whatever TAB is in the default layout
and finally, the Analog Pad:
Up, Right, Left: Custom Abilities
Down: Toss Flag (Set here due to Greeneyes)
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Old 05-20-2014   #55
aka Cirom
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@Metal Blake: I noticed the R2 and L2 buttons of my Xbox pad being mapped to axis, not buttons - and thankfully, there are "fire rings" options in the axis setup.

Also, re-posting my control scheme, as it's changes somewhat since my last mention of it here.

Spoiler: Main Control Scheme
Movement (Turning) - Arrow Keys
Movement (Strafing) - WASD
Spin - Z or E
Toss Flag - Q
Talk (Normal) - T or ENTER
Talk (Team) - Y
Toggle Chasecam - G
Ring Toss - LEFT CLICK
Ring Toss Normal - MIDDLE CLICK
Select Weapon - SCROLLWHEEL
Rotate Camera Anti-Clockwise Bind - O
Rotate Camera Clockwise Bind - P
Reset Camera - /
Centre Camera - End

LUA Cusom 1 - C or SPACE (aka Greeneyes Double Jump?)
LUA Custom 2 - V or R (aka Greeneyes Stomp?)
LUA Custom 3 - F (aka Greeneyes FEEL THE HEAT!)
( I may be getting the LUA custom buttons mixed up with the Custom 1 and 2 buttons - although I know Custom 3 is FEEL THE HEAT, which I've mapped to F.)

General Purpose Binding Buttons - Numpad * | Numpad - | Numpad / |
My control scheme allows me to switch between WASD and Arrow controls without messing with any settings, which is neat. Plus, I'm able to strafe easily in Co-op, which is pretty much ESSENTIAL.

Some alternate control schemes for when I'm messing around.

Spoiler: Sonic & Tails Challenge
For use when I try to play as both Sonic and Tails (via the "Sonic & Tails" option in the menu) at the same time. I try to keep Tails alive and active (ie: Not teleporting, not controlled by bot) as much as possible.

Movement Keys (Turning) - WASD
Jump - E or SPACE
Spindash - Q

Movement Keys (Turning) - Numpad 4568
Jump - Numpad 0
Spin - Numpad 7

Although I do have a good gaming keyboard, so I can press many buttons at a time without them ghosting. Makes it a lot easier to do the Sonic & Tails Challenge, that's for sure.

The lack of strafe makes it a bit annoying to maneouvre, though.
Spoiler: XBox 360 Pad Settings
For when Player 2 decides to arrive or something, I'unno. While I generally dislike the XBox, they make good controllers. Apart from the D-Pad, anyway. PlayStation always did those the best. To prevent confusion, I'm calling the ABXY buttons their PlayStation counterparts - because I can't even remember where each one is as XBox has them in the wrong places for some reason :T

Movement (Strafing) - Left Thumbstick
Camera - Right Thumbstick [ Control fiddling to enable Mouselook atm :T ]
Jump - X
Spindash - Square
Ring Toss - R2
Ring Toss Normal - L2
Select Weapon - L1 (Backwards) / R1 (Forwards)
Toggle Chasecam - Triangle
Toss Flag - Circle
Reset Camera - Select
Centre View - DPad Up

Note that it hasn't been tested much, so no idea if it plays well or not.
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Old 05-21-2014   #56
Mafia? Zombies? Gold spork?
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Forward: W
Backward: S
Turn left: A
Turn right: D
Strafe left: Q
Strafe right: E
Jump: F
Spin: Shift/C
Custom1: G
Custom2: T
Custom3: Y
Ringtossnormal: R
Tossflag: H
Ringtoss: J
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Old 05-21-2014   #57
feeling rather Iffy lately
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Mouse for turning, classic WASD for moving/strafing. Q and E for switching weapons, shooting by clicking the mouse wheel and normal rings with R. I also have some binds that let me change camera, skins and other random stuff. There, easy, no need to make control scheme lists that I can see above.
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Old 05-26-2014   #58
What am I again?
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I'm planning to have one of these PS2 or PS3 controllers for my PC. So, I'm gonna show my planned controls:

Left Stick: Movement
Right Stick: Looking
R1: Toss Ring
R2: Next Weapon
L1: Spin
L2: Prev. Weapon
Down: Toss Flag
Up: Change skin, color and name
Left: Same
Right: Same
X: Jump
O: Custom 1 (Because of this.)
[]: Custom 2 (Same for this.)
Triangle: Custom 3

EDIT: Forgot the Start and Select buttons.

Start: Pause (Of course.)
Select: Toggle Chasecam (Because I love the Project Aces games, such as Ace Combat X2)
FNaF happened! (like 5 months!)

And remember:

IT'S ME. (or IT'S HIM whatev.)

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Old 05-28-2014   #59
Hibernates every few months
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Lefty here; I use a modified FPS-style scheme.

Numpad 4,5,6,8: move/strafe
Down arrow: jump
Numpad Enter: spin

Mouse 1: shoot
Mouse 3: fire normal
Mouse 2: toggle camera
Numpad 7,9: switch weapons

Numpad 0: flag toss
Numpad 1,2,3: custom

For Tails-bot, I use WASD, QE to strafe, Space to jump and Shift to spin.
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Old 05-31-2014   #60
Ah , still learning LUA :P
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As im playing on a laptop , i have two layouts :
No-Mouse layout:
U - Forward
J - Backward
H - Turn Right
K - Turn Left
Y - Strafe Right
I - Strafe Left
D - Jump
S - Spin
A - Custom 2
Shift - Custom 1

Mouse layout :
E - Forward
D - Backward
S - Strafe Left
F - Strafe Right
Spacebar - Jump
LMB - Spin
RMB - Custom 1(Ringtoss in match)
MMB - Custom 2

Player 2 layout (Using PSP as controller):
Up Button - Forward
Down Button - Backward
Left Button - Turn Left
Right Button - Turn Right
Left Trigger - Strafe Left
Right Trigger - Strafe Right
Cross - Jump
Circle - Spin
Triangle - Custom 2
Sqare - Custom 1

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