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Stop it
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Default [2.2] Knuckles's green pixels.

MotorRoach :<
U no longer mai senpai.

In all seriousness, Knuckles seems to have green pixels in his front falling frames, there might be some in other frames too, but I was kinda lazy to look around for that.
Found that because of the awesome player-fails-to-join-and-freezes-the-game-lol
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If you make me a Sash Lilac wad, I'll make you a sonic sprite hack of any choice.

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Meh, they all have green/gray pixels. It's the least noticeable on Knuckles. It's Sonic & Tails who really need a clean-up.
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Oh god.

Yes, now that I've looked through my Knuckels sheet, there are also other few sprites in need of fixing regarding the misplaced neon green pixels. I'll remember to polish that up for 2.2.
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