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Leave me alone!
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Default Team Sonic Racing is good or bad?

After Sonic Forces I can easily say nobody is satisfied. We need a good modern Sonic game like Generations, Colors or Unleashed. But what we get :D Sonic Forces with poor and boring level design... At least graphics and musics are incredible. Anyway what I am trying to say is we need a Modern Sonic game with no wisps, no friends, no classic Sonic... Only Sonic! Nevermind we won't be able to play a new good modern Sonic game...

But at least we got a brand new racing game. I wanna be honest. When I first saw I hated. I mean what the f**k is wrong with SEGA! Why wisps are takes place in this game too!?
But I saw team mechanic then I changed my mind. Game is not bad. What are you think?

The characters of this game from only Sonic universe. Is this a good thing?

Will you play game online with your best friend?

And did you like new map desings?

I think this game is not even close to Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing Transformed!
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Stop it
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I can't think of it being a bad game, since all the sonic racing games made by sumo digital were good. However I can hardly see it topping Racing Transformed since it doesn't really bring anything new to the table. (Team mechanics are cool but that's about it).
There only being Sonic characters isn't really a turndown for me but I can see how other people would think of it as one.

I really do hope that there's a setting to turn down the amount of voice lines because this is SRB2 Kart Z levels of meme right now though.
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This game honestly feels like a letdown to me. We won't know for sure if it's any good until it releases, but nothing about it has really caught my attention so far. I really liked the All Stars Racing games, so I'm quite sad to see a working formula go in favor of a team racing gimmick with only Sonic characters.
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