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Turtle Man
aka ZTM / ZTurtleMan
Default SRB2 GIMP palettes

SRB2 1.09.4 and 2.0 palettes for GIMP. The palettes allow graphics to be easily export in a SRB2 palette from GIMP.

Download: Here

Readme file
SRB2 palettes for GIMP
Palettes for GIMP originally made in 2008, updated over the years.

SRB2-1.09.4.gpl was updated to use correct transparent color (247) in 2009.
SRB2-2.0.gpl was updated to be called 2.0 instead of 1.1 in 2010.

Palettes should be placed in:

WinXP: "C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\.gimp-2.6\palettes\"
Linux: /home/$USERNAME/.gimp-2.6/palettes/

SRB2 1.09.4 (and earlier) used the Doom color palette selected by id Software
SRB2 2.0 used a new color palette selected by Sonic Team Junior

GIMP palettes created by ZTurtleMan (formerly know as Turtle Man) (2008-2010)
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Too fast for you to see me.
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Good job man!! now it's more easy to edit/create sprites to srb2 in the GIMP.
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ms reflec beat stan
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What about... just ripping the pallette from a screenshot? That shouldn't be too hard to do.
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There and back again~
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For some reason you can't save a palette you've ripped from an image. I made my palette on GIMP by hand as well. The alternative is to have the palette next to every image you draw, which is a good strategy for MSPaint users. But since GIMP does have the palette tool, it wouldn't be a bad idea to use it.
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