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Project: Hyper Duels - v1 (mrtf_projecthyperduels.wad) Details »»
Project: Hyper Duels - v1 (mrtf_projecthyperduels.wad)
Version: v1, by sphere sphere is offline
Developer Last Online: Jun 2019

Version: SRB2 Rating: (7 votes - 4.57 average)
Released: 05-12-2010 Last Update: Never Installs: 7
Multiplayer Levels Scripts Sprites/Graphics Is in Beta Stage

It was one peaceful day in #srb2fun, when KO.T.E suddenly came up with an idea: 'Why not combine mine and Blade's levels in one pack?' I quickly heard of this idea, and asked if I could add my levels in it too. I could, and we started to work on compiling our maps into one pack, with some slight touch-ups added.
When we had to think of a name, we quickly decided to use a combination of our old multiplayer packs names:
Project: Sphere
Blade's Hyper Pack (which was never publicly released)
Chaos Duels
And then, after some more work, it grew to the pack you see before you.

Obviously the part you've all been waiting for: the actual content of this pack! However, only one screenshot per level, because of the 20 image limit (and links are stupid).
We managed to get a whopping amount of 18 levels in this pack, which is quite a lot compared to most other multiplayer packs.
Anyway, without further ado, the level listing.

Spoiler: Green Lake by KO.T.E

Spoiler: Aquatic Base by KO.T.E

Spoiler: Deserted Dancefloor by Spherallic

Spoiler: Dusty Barracks by KO.T.E

Spoiler: Clockwork Towers by Spherallic & KO.T.E

Spoiler: Sunkist Falls by Spherallic & Blade

Spoiler: Techno Laser by KO.T.E

Spoiler: Silver Canyon by KO.T.E

Spoiler: Lush Forest by Blade

Spoiler: Amber Ravine by Spherallic

Spoiler: Dark Fort by KO.T.E

Spoiler: Aquatic Relic by Spherallic

Spoiler: Crystalline Caves by Spherallic

Spoiler: Acid Plant by KO.T.E

Spoiler: Endless Woods by Blade

Spoiler: Egg Hall by Blade

Spoiler: Thunder Factory by Blade

Spoiler: Crimson Caves by Blade

v1 - The first release, this is just a compilation of our maps, without many changes.

v2 is planned to have many improvements to the included levels, and maybe we even get to add some new ones!
I can already confirm that Aquatic Relic is being worked on, and will feature some pretty drastic changes from the original.

Sendspace mirror - Click me!

Have fun playing!

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File Type: rar mrtf_projecthyperduels.rar (8.82 MB, 2578 views)

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Old 01-10-2011   #22

Ok, I've played this level pack for a few days, and here's my review on it (race stages only at the moment):

Thunder Factory

Sound : 8/10

The music's a copy from Egg Rock Act 1 with a bit of a new mixture in it, which is fine. The sound isn't too much of a problem, but the fans don't make any sound for some reason. Are they meant to?

Visual Aesthetics : 6/10

The level seems pretty open, and the track is long. However, I've seen about 3 areas where different textures in certain spots could be used (can't be specific as I haven't pinpointed the spot). That amount of openness and the extra small amounts of texture should be fine.

Hazards : 5/10

The hazards around the track seem fine, except in a few spots, mainly a few fans, where they could easily push you off to your death, especially with an outside set of fans where you have little room. You could reduce the pressure of those fans or give more area for the players to tackle them, as they caused me to Game Over twice trying to complete 4 laps on it.

Crimson Caves

Sound : 9/10

Wow. What can I say? The music is very orginal, almost combining multiple old tracks and improvising with them. As for the sound of the flames, they're fine, except the 3-D octagonal flame bursts don't seem to make any sound (Are they meant to?).

Visual Aesthetics : 10/10

This level is absolutely beautiful! Even with the aggro of turning some corners, the flames in all the various locations make the place feel alive. The last area with a 180 degree turn, even if it's spammed with flames, is really beautiful and cute in its own way. As for the fire textured areas, they work perfectly without any problems or unexpected instant deaths.
The track itself, despite being in some sort of a cavern, remains its openness with extreme limits.

Hazards : 7/10

Most hazards are easily avoidable, mainly the upward and horizontal flames, and there's spots to the left and right of the octagonal flames where sonic can skip going through. Most hazards provide a nice challenge if you try to speed too fast, although Race is meant for speed.

Egg Hall

Sound : 5/10

This is just a knockoff music from Castle Eggman (Old or new, I don't care).

Visual Aesthetics : 8/10

Most of this level is originally designed, which I like, and the corridors are nicely laid out. I honestly don't know why water is in an old castle area (Castle Eggman Act 2 is debatable, as several buttons activate water level), and it slows the track down (if you wanted a No Thok track, why not do that trick everywhere along the level?).

Hazards : 8/10

Maces and Cannonballs are common in a castle theme, so I can ignore the harm of those, although why do we have maces right close to the top of a platform after some springs? Those could cause the player to be knocked right back if they hit the springs at the wrong time, otherwise they could just run through.

Endless Woods

Sound : 7/10

The music's a nice choice to fit a forest-based level, and the water makes a sound I can cope with, although it's a bit too much due to too much water you have to go through at one particular point.

Visual Aesthetics : 8/10

This level is stunningly nice to look at, despite how short it is (roughly 25 seconds per lap), and the textures were correctly used. The water could be rippling in a woodland theme most often, and the stumps could form small trees near them (but don't place too many).

Hazards : 4/10

There doesn't seem to be any hazards, apart from the water area, and even that bit makes it impossible to be a hazard, since you're quickly out of the main body of water in about 5 seconds flat. Apart from a short, dark corridor, the rest is just smooth sailing.

EDIT: Out of curiosity, what's the name to that music track in Crimson Caves?

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Old 01-10-2011   #23
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EDIT: Out of curiosity, what's the name to that music track in Crimson Caves?
Volcano Valley from Sonic 3D Blast for Genesis.
A dome structure? something that could be filled with diatomaceous earth?
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Old 04-12-2012   #24
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Originally Posted by Knux576 View Post
You're a fucking year late. And most of these levels will be in the new 2.1 MP anyways.

(VelocitOni received an infraction for this post: No flaming.)
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