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A Cat
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Default Is Spazzo OK?

I read somewhere Spazzo died. I hope this did not happen. He just had a seizure right?
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Lurking as you read this
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Originally Posted by Spazzo
Hi, guys. Thanks for all of the get well soon messages. It makes me feel rather warm and fuzzy. I'm going to try and answer as many questions as I can now.

Yes, I had a seizure.

No, I'm not dead.

Anyways, update on my status - with the exclusion of being rather sore, I've made a full recovery. The official word from my doctor is that everyone in life is allowed a "freebie" seizure, In that you have one, and the chances are that you won't have another for the rest of your life, and you'll live a perfectly normal life. In the event that I DO have a second seizure, then that's when treatment and medication starts.

There's no family history of seizures whatsoever, so chances are that I'll go on in life, seizure-free. I probably won't ever know what caused the seizure which I had, though.

Anyways, I'm going to be spending a little bit more time on leave, since my life is taking me for a bit of a whirl right now. I'm sure you guys'll understand.

Thanks again for all of the messages.

EDIT: One last note - if you wish, for whatever reason, to contact me - I'd advise you to go through e-mail ( than through private messages on the board. Thanks!
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Project Dark Fox
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Spazzo's fine. There was a topic on this earlier that he himself shut down. Sure, he had a seizure, but he's better now.
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A Cat
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I have no use to this topic now.
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Where am I when these things happen?

Anyway, sorry to hear about Spazzo. Yikes, I've never had a seizure, and I'd rather not find out what it feels like.
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This was already answered in this post.

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