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Why does everyone like Sonic CD? I mean, it's fun, but the level design gets irksome and it's quite slow.

I played more Sonic games, so I'll make more reviews:

(Gen)Sonic 1: 8/10
-Slow, yet has good level design. Not the best, but still a good game.

(GG)Sonic 1:9/10
-Fast, and fun.

(Gen)Sonic 2: 8/10
-Faster, but with slightly worse level design. There's much levels, so that doesn't matter.

(GG) Sonic 2: 7/10
-If you take out the difficulty, this game is pretty fun.
Sonic CD: 6/10
-Has a unique feel, but it has some really slow and short zones.

Sonic 3: 8.5/10
-Great game. You can fly as Tails, which really adds replay value. It's quite short, however.

Sonic and Knuckles: 9/10
-Great game. There's two ways of playing levels, and, at times, the characters drastically change the level experience. When locked on, it's simply great.

Sonic 3D Blast: 8/10
-Different, but fun.

Sonic Adventure: 10/10
-Unlike most people, I think that Amy, Knuckles, and Big's gameplay are great. There' five great modes to play, a Huge forest to explore, and Sonic's mode has the ability to play coop.

Sonic Adventure DX: 7/10
-Still fun, but has a ridiculous amount of glitches added.

Sonic Adventure 2: 9.7/10
Three gameplay modes. Stunning graphics for it's system. 180 emblems and A's to get, which getting nearly everyone of them is fun. There's a multiplayer mode, time attack mode, online, Chao Adventure 2, Chao, and kart racing to tide you over.

Sonic Heroes: 9/10
-Unique, fast, and fun.

Shadow The Hedgehog: 9/10
-Once I got past the fact that it's darker, I fell in love with this game. Seventy-Four missions and unique level design is a very good thing you can find in this game. The battle mode is disappointing, but having Sonic, Knuckles, Rouge, Vector, Espio, Amy, and, the strongest character, Tails be controlled by another player makes up for it. I mean, Tails can beat up a giant alien in two hits.

Sonic and Tails: 7/10
-Short, but fun.

Sonic Drift 1 & 2: 5/10, 8/10
-Sonic Drift is average, but Sonic Drift 2 is a huge improvement.

Sonic Blast: 4/10

Tails's Sky Patrol: 5/10
Short, hard, but can still be fun.

Tails Adventure:10/10
Massive levels, great gameplay, and a large sense of exploration.

Sonic and Tails 2 (Sonic Triple Trouble): 10/10
-For a Game Gear game, this game is great.

Sonic Advance:6/10
-Slow and boring level design.

Sonic Advance 2: 6/10
-Too fast.

Sonic Advance 3: 8/10
-Great Multiplayer, tag system, and level design.

Sonic Rush: 8/10
-Fast and addictive.

Sonic Rush Adventure: 5/10

Sonic 06: 9/10
-A great game, in my opinion.
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This thread is making me rage like a motherfucker.

Never completed Sonic CD?

Can't beat Chemical Plant?

I mean, Christ.
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Why are we rating Dimps level design when this is about Sonic Team....
(Sonic advance,SonicADV2,SonicADV3,Sonic Rush)
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Originally Posted by Hyperknux
Dude, my opinion is my opinion.
True, and like I said, the level can be a little too slow paced (although I love the music so much the waiting doesn't really bother me). My point, though, is that by theming the whole 2nd zone of Sonic 1 around slow platforming, Sonic Team established slow platforming segments as a major part of what Sonic is. The theme shows up elsewhere in the game as well, with Star Light (you are correct, good sir) and Scrap Brain, albeit those segments are a bit more optional.

If you factor in underwater segments, and consider that all the games contain some sort of stop and platform segments, usually more as you approach the end of the game, areas that are both platforming intensive and lacking in speed are major theme's of the entire Genesis series.

Thus, my criticism is not of your opinion of the level design, which largely correlates with mine, just the specific statement, that "sonic is about speed not platforming to the point that hardly any speed comes into play," which is a statement of fact that I don't really feel holds up to analysis, based on the level design of the original game and, to a degree, the rest of the Genesis games.

The only reason I'm being a logic Nazi about it, is that I feel its an important point to consider when analyzing level design, because, while I haven't played them myself, I can remember at least one of the newer handheld games being criticized for relying too heavily on speed as the main gameplay element.

Side Note: Speaking of Marble Zone's music, has anybody seen that Charles Hamilton video where he raps on it. I not big on his music or his rapping style, but I'll give him serious props for that.
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that "sonic is about speed not platforming to the point that hardly any speed comes into play," which is a statement of fact that I don't really feel holds up to analysis, based on the level design of the original game and, to a degree, the rest of the Genesis games.
I'm wasn't trying to say that all of Sonic has to be speed, and no platforming whatsoever, what I was trying to state was the fact is Sonic is mainly a character who runs, runs, and runs, and also jumps & spins, that's what a person's point of view in a Sonic game is going to expect at least 1/2, or almost 2/3 to be speed, and the remaining whatever's left to be some sort of platforming matter. It is a bit weird to be in a particular area which is cramped as anything with no flow, it just doesn't seem to fit his style, I mean once in a occassion is ok, but continuous can get a bit annoying.

Also if you are talking about the new handheld games being heavily relyed on speed, you would be talking about the Sonic Rush seires & Sonic Unleashed. Oh yeah, Sonic Advance 2 suffered this fate too.
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