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Lame the Hedgehog
Default He's out there.

I am working on a wad called Lame the Hedgehog. I'm still working on his sprites and he still has some bugs.
He's not a just a recolor, he's a recolor of SA2Shadow.
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The man with no plan.
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Proof I say proof!
Originally Posted by Grazon
For one to beat this game so perfectly one must have no life.
Originally Posted by Arf
<Arf> Hiking is for pussies
<Arf> coding is the new REAL MEN job
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...Wait. I'm here?
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Look at his SIG...Do you see something good?
...Stop looking.
Really, go away.
I mean it.
Oh, good job.
You're still reading this?
You could be making levels or even finding the cure for cancer!
...Okay, now it's wasted. Good job.
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You are going to need some sort of proof before making a topic. You also need to keep in mind of Rule 12 shown in the link below, which states not to make recolors.

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