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Default Card Sagas Wars

A game which began development in 2005, but was halted for several years before being quietly discontinued, has now seen a Prototype release about 13 years later.
Since this is based on a prototype build from back in 2011, it has not been optimized or tweaked since. Bugs are present, and should be expected.

Download here:

Developed by

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This game is heat. Straight up.

Played it with a friend during the Smash event Low Tier City 6, and got my friends who went /w me to Evo to play it as well. It's INSANELY fun, with characters like Link and Samus taking a lot of inspiration/direct attacks from their Smash counterparts, X and Chrono making fighers from beloved series with fresh eyes, and Cloud being a strange mix just out of coincidence--funny how cross slash functions and *looks* nearly the *exact same.*

Highly recommend you guys play it. The controls get a smidge of time to get used to and navigating the initial menu may be a bit frustrating, but it's worth it.

Oh yeah and expect a crash.
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