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Default Driver's Test coming up!

Tomorrow I will be taking my first Driver's test, and like any other teen, I'm nervous about it and don't feel very confident.

So, does anyone here have some tips to keep in mind while taking the big test? I sure am open for any help on this, as I would like to get this whole thing behind me...
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Back from the dead
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I guess for starters:
1. take it slow at first, its not a race to complete it, so figure out what speed is ok for you without endangering yourself or others.

um... besides that, wear your seat belt, do good on turns, or any of those little obstacle courses. For the actual test where you write answers I don't know that's on your own, I hope you succeed.
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****ing floor it.
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Chaos Knux
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Originally Posted by Bigboi View Post
****ing floor it.
No, that'll do this to the teacher:

I don't think you want that "F", do you?

Just remember, the first thing you do before driving a car is >HIT THE BONG LIKE CHEECH 'N CHONG<
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Originally Posted by Derpy Hooves; Today, Tomorrow, and Forever
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Project Dark Fox
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I can see this thread is already going down hill.
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Now that I think of it, I never heard of car-related words in english, so I will try to make it say what I mean.(Most community should already know english is not my main lenguage)

Ok then, do not accelerate while taking a curve, you must NEVER do that, I once tried it a long time ago and almost flip the car up, what you must do is to release the accelerator as you are taking a curve. Do not get distracted with the enviroment, always listen to the instructor, and don´t think that it is bad if you have troubles at parking, we all have.
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Going slow/taking your time probably isn't the best advice, going too slow can be just as dangerous as going too fast, it can also impede the flow of traffic (which you could get marked down for). Obviously Driving tests differ largely by Country/State etc., but the general rule where I am at least is that if conditions are good, you should be doing close to/bang on the limit.

I'd still take the above with a grain of salt though, what constitutes safe driving where I live doesn't necessarily constitute as safe where you live, your instructor would be the best person to ask about this.

Other than that, just try not to stress yourself out about it, it's not the be all and end all, you can always take it again.

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