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Default SRB2 Forums Rules

Just in case you don't know them, here's a copy:

1. Generally speaking, keep the forums to the content that can be shown on network TV (Think "The Simpsons") and use your own common sense as to what's allowed or not allowed on the board. For those of you who can't figure this out, the following is forbidden:
  • Sexual content, including pornography
  • Excessive cursing
  • Illegal material (Warez, free MP3s, ROMs, etc.)

2. Use correct English. This means that you should type your posts as if you were going to hand it in to your English teacher. While a little leeway will be given if you are not a native speaker, there are some things that just have no excuse:
  • Use capitalization rules properly. The first word in a sentence, proper nouns, and “I” are capitalized. Always.
  • Use punctuation. It’s very hard to read posts with no periods or commas. Put a space after your periods and commas, too.
  • Use correct spelling. Occasional mistakes are fine (we all make them), but if your post misspells every single word, then that's unacceptable.
  • Don’t use l33tspeak, internet acronyms (LOL, U, etc.), or text message abbreviations.
  • Use paragraph breaks. No one wants to read a page of text with no spaces in it at all.
3. No Spam. Create topics about the ruler of pie and your website somewhere else. Do not post useless lines, such as "ok", "lol", etc., as they clutter up the forum and don't add anything to the discussion. Do not make topics polling if one thing is better than another. Do not post forum games. Placing links to your website in your signature is acceptable, however.
4. No Flaming or Trolling. Keep any personal arguments you have with other users off of the board. Flaming (mindless insulting of another user) is strictly prohibited. Trolling (posting to intentionally disrupt forum activity and/or to generate an angry response) is strictly prohibited in all forms.
5. Do not ask for netgames in the forum. Use the chat room or the master server to set up netgames.
6. Read the FAQ and Wiki before asking simple questions. Many questions such as how to add WADs are already answered in numerous places. Before posting a new question, ask yourself if that question might already be answered. Otherwise you may receive a ban.
7. Do not post about a project you have not started. You should at least be at the point where you can show screenshots of your work before you make any posts about it. On the same note, do not make posts asking for people to make something for you. If you aren't willing to put forth the effort to make something, nobody else is going to do it for you.

8. Do not backseat moderate. Backseat moderation consists of either of the following:
  • Do not ask the staff to lock a topic, ban a user, or do other administrative action.
  • Do not scold other users for their bad spelling, double posts, or other rules violations.
Both of these are the domain of the moderators and administrators of the forum. If a post violates the rules and you still would like something done about it, contact an administrator via private message or IRC. Do not post about it on the forum itself.

9. Do not bump topics pointlessly. If a topic is more than three weeks old, ask yourself whether or not your post adds to the conversation, or if you have a good reason to post in the old topic. The following are _NOT_ good reasons:
  • Asking the author to reupload a file with a broken link.
  • Frivolous statements like "This is cool."
Likewise, do not complain if someone bumps a topic. Mention that the post was a bump, and you'll be banned along with him. The administrators are fully capable of moderating the forums without your help.

10. Use meaningful topic subjects. Creating a post with a subject of "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" or "OHNOEESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" or just "help me", is more likely to give your post a speedy lock than help with your problem. Here are some examples of GOOD subject lines:
  • Need help joining a netgame.
  • XWE crashes when I try to add a graphic.

11. Only give constructive critcism. There seem to be some questions about what constitutes constructive criticism around here, so please use these helpful examples:
  • "This WAD is awful. Here's why: List" - Constructive. This clearly explains what is wrong with the WAD and even how it could be fixed.
  • "This WAD is awful." - Not constructive. This doesn't explain anything about the WAD, and simply states a useless opinion. Keep this junk off the forum.
  • "This WAD is awesome." - Not constructive. Just like the previous, this simply states a useless opinion. Mindless positive feedback is just as useless as mindless negative feedback.
  • "You are awful." - Not constructive. This is a direct flame of another user, and is strictly forbidden on these forums.
With this in mind, remember that all WADs posted on these forums will be criticized. If you don't want the public tearing apart your WAD and telling you what you did wrong, don't release your WAD on these forums. However, if you'd like to get feedback on your WAD, and suggestions on how to make it better, you're in the right place.

12. Do not post recolors, sprite rips, music replacements, or timer socs.
  • Recolors, or edited versions of the official character sprites, are extremely disliked. Making fan characters or bad edits of official characters is almost always bad, and shows a great lack of creativity. Don't make them, and if you do, don't post them.
  • Sprite rips, where you simply take a sprite from another game, which generally doesn't look anything like the art in SRB2, and put it into an SRB2 character. While it's possible to make a good sprite rip into a character, it almost always looks awful. Don't do this unless you know exactly what you're doing.
  • Music WADs, or WAD files containing music lumps to change the soundtrack for SRB2, just aren't interesting. They're also potential copyright violations, so they are banned from the forums entirely. If you post one, it will simply be deleted.
  • Timer SOCs, or SOC files that only edit the time periods for certain things, like Invincibility or drowning, are pointless, and anyone can make them.
These types of WADs are frowned upon, and frequently will lead to your link removed and topic locked or sent to the trash. Even if that doesn't happen, you will get a negative reaction, because nobody really likes to play them.
13. Do not post someone else's work as your own. Plagiarism is stealing, and will be dealt with accordingly. Make sure to ask permission from the original author before attempting to improve or use some of his or her work. Don't try to cheat the system; all you'll get is a ruined reputation.
14. Do not ask for a file to be reuploaded. If you cannot find a file you want, try searching the forums for it, or possibly private messaging the author to see if the author is interested in fixing his link. Do not post a topic on the forums asking for the file, and do not bump the topic asking for the file.
15. The administrators are granted the authority to do whatever they feel is necessary to maintain control on the forums. They are granted authority to do whatever they feel is necessary to accomplish this. If a moderator or administrator tells you to stop doing something, regardless of whether it is against these written rules, you are expected to follow their instructions.

And here's the additional rule:

Due to the recent creation of forum game topics, we now no longer accept any forum games on these boards for two reasons:
  • They create spam and eat bandwidth and resources.
  • They make the forums harder to moderate.
From this point forward, any new forum games topics will be deleted, and if the problem continues, strikes will be issued to the offenders. I do not want to see this happening again.

Thank you for your cooperation,

The existing love of the world is merciless
All the people indulge in sympathy and die

Last edited by srb21103; 09-22-2009 at 06:33 AM. Reason: Found a new rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLZ I HATE THIS NEW THING - IT's not phpbb
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Lord Almighty
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Well, it's nice to know that someone cares about the board's rules.
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Most of the times I've got in trouble, I've not broken any of the above rules.
The existing love of the world is merciless
All the people indulge in sympathy and die
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I do things sometimes
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... Yeah, I don't know.

Check out my soundcloud profile for music stuff
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"Post meaningful posts" - it's not back seat moderating because it's in quotes. :-)
The existing love of the world is merciless
All the people indulge in sympathy and die
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Official Community CoatRack
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Hmm..... I would say this back seat moderating... But I don't know...
Originally Posted by Pinkie Pie
I bet you can't make a face as crazy as this!
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It's lucky there's no rules about signatures/custom titles!
The existing love of the world is merciless
All the people indulge in sympathy and die
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I'm just dazed and confused as to the point of this thread. The rules are in a clear, obvious link at the top of the forums, to the right of the User CP link.
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You can see the link called "Forum Rules" at the top of the forum. If you can't see that, something is wrong with you.

Read the MB Rules:

My YouTube account:
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