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The Tortured Planet guy
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Default Any of you guys starting to think about college?

As a high school senior, it's time for me to really get working on choosing schools and submitting applications. I'm applying to 10 different colleges, mostly in the New England area (where I live!)

At times, it can be a very stressful process, even over things that are no big deal. Because the procedure is so complex, I sometimes feel quite overwhelmed! However, I've done a lot of work...nine of the ten schools accept the Common Application, which I've almost completed, and I've also done a great deal of work on the supplemental applications.

So...any of you guys going to apply to college this year?
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akirahedgehog's Avatar

I'm at college as I type this so I better be thinking about it...

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Project Dark Fox
The Sin of Wrath
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Money just hasn't ever been in my favor. I didn't pick up a scholarship in high school so I have been biding my time waiting for that moment to get back into school.
I've been out of school for 6 years.
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Cue's Avatar

I'm applying for two in the area, they base it on predicted grades so I should be absolutely fine.

Straight A/A* excluding a B.

Business Studies, Computing, Physics and Maths at AS-Level, of course.
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