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spaghetti coder
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Default Compilation Error


1) I read the wiki.

2) yes, I followed all the directions. Or at least I think I did.

Using MinGW on Win7 x64, I've disabled all features I do not have libraries for including SDL2 Mixer, GME (what's that? no mention on the compilation page...), zlib, etc., no modification has been made to the source, etc., I keep receiving a compilation termination upon MinGW fatal erroring not once but twice from the lack of both an allegro.h file and a zlib.h file (but zlib is in the source...?). I found the Allegro Game Programming library online and grabbed a ZIP but I have no clue where to stick it due to it being missing from the wiki page and not being an SDK (it's apparently a whole program?) and thus not having an include nor a lib directory. I'm seriously confused about the lack of zlib as I specified in both the makefile (via CMake) and again manually in the terminal after that didn't work that I do not have the library but the compiler still insisted on attempting to #include it. (ha)

So that's my story.

EDIT: It has magically ceased to give me the zlib error, even though I did nothing but try compiling again for good measure (it still gives the allegro error). What.

EDIT2: Found both GME and zlib in the source. Don't know how I missed them before. Added GME its CMake box, but zlib doesn't have a box to put the directory in...

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yea, you are making the CMakefile files, but you are invoking 'make' using the old style Makefile files and try to build DOS EXE, you move CMD's CWD to the CMake build folder, which seems to be 'C:\users\jonathan\Desktop\something' and run 'make' there
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spaghetti coder
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Ohhhhhhhhhh ok. Never used CMake before, totally misunderstood that "point it to the build directory" in the Wiki. Thank you, it's compiling fine now!
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