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Buzzards Bay Zone (remake) (scr_buzzardsbay2.wad) Details »»
Buzzards Bay Zone (remake) (scr_buzzardsbay2.wad)
Version: .2, by A Cat A Cat is offline
Developer Last Online: May 2018

Version: SRB2 Rating: (5 votes - 1.80 average)
Released: 03-16-2010 Last Update: 03-21-2010 Installs: 1
Single Player Levels Is in Beta Stage

This is the remake of the broken Buzzards Bay Zone. It is not the same as the old level. I tried to make it more fun. I also added more scenery. It also has a few slopes in it. Now a few screenies:

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Old 03-18-2010   #2
A Cat
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Sorry about double post, but it has been two days. Will it be accepted or rejected already?!
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Old 03-19-2010   #3
Prime 2.0
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Please be patient. People have waited longer than you to be judged, and posting in your own submissions topic does not speed things up. If you feel that it has been too long, your issues should be directed in PM.

So, let's go over this. Rings are deaf'd, level has an exit, texture use isn't eye-blinding. It's extremely short, but whatever, it makes the cut.
That's not to say that there isn't anything to critique, however. You've erroneously placed a vertical stack of rings at the start of the level the the player cannot grab because of the diagonal spring, and the use of redwall as a texture for the pillar the spring is placed on appears awkward, and unappealing. Jaws are only placed on the ground, which looks weird and makes them harder to attack; give them some Z offsets.

On that note, there was a rather odd thing here that made its way into the bug reports topic: Jaws can follow you up the ramp out of the water in that trench. Hopefully it'll be fixed in 2.0.5, but for now you may want to do something about that.

There is a bit of inconsistency in the alignment of rings and blue springs here; it's mainly an aesthetic issue, but it should be addressed none the less. In that same area, you should move the blue springs a little farther away from the walls, so the player doesn't have to break his momentum when using them. Furthermore, the passage just after the blue springs should be made wider, and the ledge you jump over moved farther along to make the path afterwords easier to see quickly, and to allow better flow.

You've placed a few diagonal springs where they are superfluous. the gaps here could just as easily(in fact, more easily) be bridged with a simple jump. In particular, the red diagonal springs on the waterfalls draw attention to a disturbingly large number of random and ring monitors stored on top of the waterfalls near the exit. There are two places here however where their use was justified. The first was good because it can be used to bypass the vertical spring in the hands of a good player, and the "leap" it created was genuinely appealing in a visual sense for the area it crossed.. The second can be used to access a secret. Also, what is up with that spring in the sky near the end?

Speaking of secrets, I would recommend placing a crawla in the trench to allow an alternative route to the electric shield... and for random high-bouncing fun when jumping out of where you normally go to get to it. Furthermore, consider arranging the rings over the trench in an arc that you can jump through, like the ones in GFZ1 going up to the 1up monitor. I'd suggest modifying the 4 waterfalls near the end so that the wall separating each pair is lowered, to allow the player to just walk between the two waterfalls in each pair, and to remove one pair of monitors from each. Too much is given for following a beaten path to a single secret, and the thok barrier between the pairs of waterfalls looks awkward when you go above it; this would alleviate both issues.

In general, try to modify the placement of vertical springs(and the walls you're scaling with them) so that the player can retain some momentum while moving through them. Levels are more fun to play when their flow is unbroken by such things.
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Old 03-21-2010   #4
A Cat
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New Update: The following changes were made.

1. Better spring placement.
2. Added z postitions for fish.
3. Altered the path between the water falls.
4. Crawlas in the trench.
5. Vertical rings fixed

Still known:

1. Spring in the sky (cordantants?)
2. Red tower (lighthouse)
3. First spring still funny.
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