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Obamasnow Fan-- With a Hat
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Default Favorite game character concept?

Well, I made this topic to ask wich is the character concept (or gimmick if you wanna call it that way) for example:

Sonic; A blue hedgehog that runse fast.

My favorite concept is Ditto; a small pink slimy thing that alterates itīs molecular structure to turn into another random thing.
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a bee
Ecosystem essential
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Plok, he's yellow, red and mad, and he throws all of his limbs at enemies. He also does cosplay with benefits of unique abilities.
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Is a Cyan Sonic in SRB2
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Tails Doll; A Floating Doll that says nothing.
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I do things sometimes
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Sparkster. An opossum in blue knight armor who wields a sword and flies around with a jet pack.

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Rabbids: Crazed grotesque rabbits with the technical ingenuity of Wile E. Coyote.
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Old 11-08-2009   #6

Raziel: A wraith-like being that can shift between the material and spectral realms.
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This is my real picture
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Akuma: The perpetual strife for ultimate glory and strength.
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Old 11-08-2009   #8

Doomguy; a berserker packin' man an' a half.
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Link Mah Boi
(actually hyperson)
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Pokey: A young boy who can make the world, future and past, go bat**** crazy.
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There and back again~
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You don't want me to post here, do you?

Just about any Touhou character - unbearably cute with arcane powers. More specifically, I love the concept of a puppeteer character (totally not biased here) though a technical genius comes as a close second. I don't think I've played enough bosses (even in Touhou) where the whole point is that you're fighting someone that can physically manipulate a number of persons and objects. (and I don't mean calling in a ton of lackeys) The best example of this actually doesn't come from Touhou, but from Okami. While it was more blatant with one of the villains, the big bad really is THE puppeteer.
I would also like to see a smash bros games where the Master Hand actually has strings attached to an opposing character and your job is to kill the Master Hand. Technically, I think he's supposed to be the puppeteer, but a more literal interpretation would be nice.
Alice Margatroid does get some pretty good examples in Shoot the Bullet, where she uses her dolls strategically against the player though as a bullet hell shooter, it doesn't feel quite so literal.

I'd love to see more games where there's a man behind the man. I think Earthbound started to go that direction with Porky, but Giygas is no puppet. Monsters and heroes are one thing, but to be pulling all the strings, you have to have some impressive qualities.
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Dixie Kong. She's a pink monkey that can hover with her large pigtails. I find that to be awesome.
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AKA Diskette Projector
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Meteo - A planet that creates infinite block materials called Meteos, which flows onto random planets to make them destroy! (I'm loving epic puzzle games :D)
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Vectorman, a robot comprised entirely of orbs.
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Vectorman was my first thought when I saw this topic, but for different reasons. I think what made Vectorman so awesome for me was the atmosphere of the game itself. I really haven't seen a game that used that type of dark(ish) atmosphere before that point and I really liked how it was done. I do like the character himself and how he can change into different types of machines and different powerups along the way.

I don't really gravitate too much on the chararcter concepts rather to how the character plays in the game, and how fun the actual game is. A generic character concept can be done well if the game itself is fun.

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Been working. . .
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It's obvious who I will say here, but to be fair I'll post another while Im at it

1.Tengu Man: Tengu Man is a simple robot based off a crow goblin called a Tengu, which so happens to be one of many Yokai in japanese mythology. A popular yokai I may add. Getting to the point, he has certain qualities, much like a few other robot master in the series, in which you can really express his abilities and personality. Honestly I dislike how capcom came up with his personality as it completely relates to Bass(Forte); both being independent (excluding Gosple with Forte) and snobbish. Though getting back to my point once more, I personally love his Tri-Dagger fan as it modifies from a blade to a tornado generating propeller.

Also the design of the weapon relates to the Hauchiwa fan which is made of magical feathers wielded by them. As for his fighting style, he seems too full of himself to really fight serious; again he is worthy of the title snob. Though as I observe him, I can picture how it may turn out. Swiftly in the air as the wicked winds pierce the skin or armor of human or robot from his fan. His blade slices through all, striking all vital points as he coldly laughs at his fallen victims in agony. So much for this idea in MM8 huh capcom?

2.Black Whirlwind: For those who have never played Jade Empire, here's a simple summary:
Originally Posted by summary
a dual axe-wielding mercenary known for his short temper, affinity for wine, and his eagerness to kill. He is very simple-minded, he lives to fight, and he often ends up killing the people who hire him.
These qualities are rather used vastly upon most characters in this era, though when it comes down to the Black whirlwind, it's a different view. Like the quote reads, he's a violent/drunk mercenary who just enjoys the adrenalin rush of battle itself. This then turns to humor as he shares his past stories of his mercenary life. One of them involving the riding of rats from a monk temple by replacing the water with wine, which then leads the monks and rats fuddled by the consuming of liquor from it. His appearance is pretty bulky, small scruffy beard, and repulsive as he never bathes, stinking of wine, sweat, and other... atrocious smells. He brandishes axes as his main weapon. Overall in truth, besides the violent drunken oaf he is, he is mainly in some rare moments compassionate and honorable.
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Originally Posted by Scizor300
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Sora - A chosen Keyblade warrior who can summon magic, he can also summon disney characters to aid him in battle.
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Pac-Man: His only purpose is to eat, and to avoid being eaten.
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Obamasnow Fan-- With a Hat
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Originally Posted by sawhog View Post
If only My life was that simple
:ī( If only life itself was that simple.
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Ms. Pac-man: Bringing sex appeal into videogames ;)
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newbe comic artist
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Rayman: shows what happens when character designers think "limbs? who needs limbs". To bad the rabbids have basically shoved him to the side
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