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That One Artistic Cat

Originally Posted by Blizzard T. View Post
If that's what you say about the Japanese version, then you absolutely do not want to see the English version. But even if you did like it, you should steer clear of it. EDIT: ... I'm.. not sure what would be the worst game cartoon. I've heard a few were terrible, but I haven't seen them myself. So... I'd have to say Sonic Underground right now. Ugh, the concept.
Well, in all honesty, I love the concept to be honest with you. The problem was the lazy writing, insanium in the cranium storyline, and the lame performances as well as the songs themselves. I mean to say that they should've tried to actually sound cool like INXS or Prince and have overall better lyrics. It is unlikable to grown audiences for good reason as you look at how the show has aged and how cheesy it was. Fastest Thing Alive blows anything that came from Underground. It was what we had before Brutal Legend. The problem was that it was cheesy. And I honestly know without a doubt in my mind is that if you consider Sonic X good, then something must be wrong with you or you are a kid. After all, kids don't know better but adults who love Sonic X? I met such a person on Sonic Stadium. Quite a strange fellow that Dr. Mechano is. Apparently the Sonic franchise is supposed to be optimistic, cude, and cuddly to him. There is a grey area to the franchise where good and evil mix, but Robotnik has always been a life hater. How else do you explain roboticization and badniks? Trapping little animals in robots taking them for granted as his slaves? Yeah, that sounds like the nicest villain the world has to offer. The reason I believe a bee's post needed to be fixed is because the show took the idea of the classic Genesis titles and built forward and onto more ,yes, darker territory. But Sonic was still himself, he was a peace lover, he wanted to keep the world safe, and he had his attitude to boot. And Robotnik? He was the polar opposite of our hero, which is how the series was planned out to be.
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Chaos Knux
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Originally Posted by Derpy Hooves; Today, Tomorrow, and Forever
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Originally Posted by Chaos Knux View Post

I want Mega man(Rock Man). Not Green Jumpsuit Man.

As for the worst Video game cartoon on my list.....I would have to say Kirby Right back at ya!
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Originally Posted by Scizor300
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Who's that chap brushing his hair and looking into a mirror? Cid??
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Sonic Shadow

Originally Posted by Wombatwarlord777 View Post
Who's that chap brushing his hair and looking into a mirror? Cid??
Simon Belmont.
Yes that's a good time to facepalm.

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I watched the nolstaga critic's revew of the series, and i have to say what the hell were they thinking when they made "Mega man" and "Simon Belmont"? did they even play the games?

On a related note the Zelda cartoon was also bad on my opinion.
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