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Default 2.00.5 Coming very, very, very soon?

Idk if its still there, but this is what you will see if you look at the net launcher right now. Its weird because of the server name, ping and that it says ver 2.00.5. is that the big guys testing as we speak? (Made it a server so the other testers could join) or just some crazy hack? o.0

*update* as of 12:33 A.M. EST, theres suddenly 2 of these goofy servers, so im gonna confidently guess some crazy hack. lmao

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Either that, or someone added dummy data to the SERVERINFO packet and changed the version number before hosting a server just to mess with everyone.

You decide!
Now that's a real game logo.

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This is interesting, while reading this, I have realised that I had one of these servers right in front of my own eyes! So I tried to find out what files are there...and this is what I found:
Current map:
WADs added:

...that's right...Nothing! This is weird isn't it?
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Serverinfo packet is way different from 2.0.4 to 2.0.5. That's only natural.

For the record, we're doing netplay tests, and testing out new features for the MS Info pages is part of it. Want a true look at them? Look here. Cue or I should get this stuff in the MS page on here in a day or two.


Don't bug anyone if Jazz's server starts saying the map name is "MAP91 - NOXIOUS FACTORYNOXIOUS FACTORY ZONE " or something similar. This was a bug in his packet coding that I fixed already; and as I'm running my own build, naturally the problem doesn't exist there.

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