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Greeneyes - v2.3.2 - Multiability ain't got nothin' on this! Feel the Heat! Details »»
Greeneyes - v2.3.2 - Multiability ain't got nothin' on this! Feel the Heat!
Version: 2.3.2, by D00D64 (A "rather brash" indivisual) D00D64 is offline
Developer Last Online: Feb 2018

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (8 votes - 3.38 average)
Released: 03-18-2014 Last Update: 04-12-2014 Installs: 4

The same Sonic that Dumbventure used, but his fur changes color as opposed to his shoes like normal.
It's just SonicRE with SonicCE spinning frames, no hookfeet frames, Knuckles' movement stats, and the Homing Attack...

Or that's how it started, anyway.

Now Greeneyes is one of the most ability stuffed characters in SRB2 history.

JUMP: Homing Attack
TOSS FLAG: LightDash
CUSTOM 1: Double Jump
CUSTOM 2: Speed Stomp
CUSTOM 3: Feel the Heat!

Yeah, that's quite a bit! The Homing Attack will hit the closest enemy or monitor in range, with the Double Jump... well, you know. You can use a Double Jump or another Homing Attack after hitting an enemy, but you can't use either ability after a Double Jump. The Speed Stomp sends Greeneyes plummeting super fast to the ground, allowing you to bounce off enemies super high too! If you hold it, you go right through enemies instead. The Lightdash allows you to follow trails of rings super fast, just by tapping the button near a line or group of rings. But be careful where you're going after you do that, because you're invincible when dashing, but not when you fling out of a dash at super speed!

Once more, Greeneyes has a Heat meter. When this meter is full, you can Feel the Heat! When you feel the heat, your stats increase slightly, you can run on water (if you run/land on the surface, not jump on it), your homing attack propels you faster, and the double jump sends you wicked high! You can also turn Super, and when you do, you have infinite heat meter, combining Super Sonic's stat boosts onto the Heat stat boosts! Feel the SUPER HEAT!

So yeah, from zzzro to hero, the new and improved Greeneyes! Give him a go!

The ZIP contains two wads: Normal Greeneyes, and SuperCar Greeneyes. SuperCar Greeneyes uses his car instead of going super.

Known Bugs: Greeneyes still uses his car to Lightdash with the normal wad. This isn't really a bug, more so that... I dont have a good lightdash sprite yet. Going super for lightdashing with THAT super hair is just jarring. He'd also go into car when getting hit by a super stunning turret, but I've yet to see that used...

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Old 09-25-2017   #62
Jordan the Memelord

This is very good. When I play levels from modern sonic games, I'm most likely using this. It's abilities are sooooo cool! AGHHH I LOVE IT
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