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Yoshi Bosses
Version: 2.0, by Yoshirocks90 (Wants to make maps again) Yoshirocks90 is offline
Developer Last Online: Jan 2019

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (1 votes - 2.60 average)
Released: 02-10-2017 Last Update: 10-01-2017 Installs: 1
Single Player Levels Re-Useable Content

A mod where you battle Eggman several times.


MAPY1: Grassy Fields Zone
MAPY2: Frozen Pit Zone
MAPY3: Toxic Factory Zone
MAPY4: Final Fight Zone
MAPY5: Lava Mine Zone

Spoiler: Map Details
Grassy Fields Zone: Accidentally fall into a pit made by Eggman, and get teleported along with the water to his underground lab.
Frozen Pit Zone: Battle Eggman in snowy impact crater, but be careful not to fall into the freezing water!
Toxic Factory Zone: Battle Eggman in his chemical-producing factory, but try not to fall into the chemicals!
Final Fight Zone: Battle Brak Eggman on a floating platform in space! Watch out for the lava in the center!
Lava Mine Zone: Enter Eggman's secret mine, but be sure not to burn yourself!

Spoiler: Changelog
  • Title sky fixed
  • Grassy Fields Zone cave made spherical
  • Frozen Goo Zone updated
  • Lava Factory Zone updated

  • Made Grassy Fields Zone's cave smaller
  • Addition of detail in Grassy Fields Zone
  • Remade Frozen Goo Zone
  • Minor changes to Final Fight Zone

  • Small changes to Grassy Fields Zone
  • Small changes to Frozen Goo Zone
  • Added Lava Mine Zone

  • Changing of textures/addition of decoration above ground in Grassy Fields Zone
  • Renaming of Frozen Goo Zone to Frozen Pit Zone
  • Remaking of Frozen Goo Zone
  • Renaming of Lava Factory Zone to Toxic Factory
  • Retexturing and slight structural editing done to Lava Factory
  • Remaking of Final Fight Zone
  • Remaking of Lava Mine Zone's above ground section
  • Retexturing of Lava Mine Zone's

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Old 03-17-2018   #22
I exist everyone!
Su_per's Avatar

If only there was a Yoshi character wad to go with it.
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Im the best
Aw yeah
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Old 03-17-2018   #23
Wants to make maps again
Yoshirocks90's Avatar

My OC's name is Yoshi, and there is a wad, but it's a recolor and can't be released.
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Old 04-02-2018   #24
Looking forward to SRB2 2.2
SSNCaleb's Avatar

After playing through all the levels of this wad, I have decided to leave a review. I will go thru every level in the wad.

Grassy Fields Zone:

The Difficulty is pretty easy, considering it's the 1st boss in the wad. But it was very hard for me to find the pit that Eggman created as a trap. Maybe put a arrow above it, pointing down.
The room before the boss looks very cheerful. It has a lot of beautiful flowers, but the underwater lab could've used some decorations.
Frozen Pit Zone:

Man, I hate Castle Eggman Zone & Deep Sea Zone bosses, but why putting the Castle Eggman Zone boss in a frozen crater? Sure, I could handle it, but what's with the springs? But the difficulty is pretty hard.
The part that the boss uses before the pinch phase looks pretty good. but lacks a sound when closing. The crater could've had some decorations. I couldn't find any decoration in this level.
Toxic Factory Zone

The classic Techno Hill Zone Boss! Only this time I couldn't camp to hit him, because the boss is inside the circle in the middle of the level above. And the boss didn't spit out more slime goop while I was hitting the boss before the pinch phase. But the difficulty is pretty easy nonetheless.
Once again, I couldn't see any decorations within this level. It could've used some THZ flowers or some factory-ish decorations. Oh well.
Final Fight Zone

Seriously, Brak Eggman? He's my 3rd worst boss in SRB2, rivaling Metal Sonic. But this time, it was so hard getting rid of the electric aura. He wouldn't go into the lava, the question is: Why? But the difficulty is hard enough.
Pretty bland, but could've used some decorations or even a custom background, like Egg Rock Core Zone used. Probably me. I don't know.
Lava Mine Zone

This time, it was easy to find the hole to the boss. But it was Egg Frostburn! I'm pretty sure that's Boss Mayhem, but at least you credited Sapheros. Either way, the difficulty is pretty tough.
Wow, the lava was almost everywhere in this mine. Maybe get rid of a few unesessary lava puddles. but the spawn point could've used some decorations.
Overall, it's not bad of a boss wad pack, but it could've used some more decorations. Some of the levels are bland. Some of these could be suggestions! You may never know.
Known as Dark Fire or *SSNCaleb*.
Picture by: Ryuga on Discord.
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Old 04-02-2018   #25
Wants to make maps again
Yoshirocks90's Avatar

Originally Posted by SSNCaleb View Post
Sure, I could handle it, but what's with the springs? But the difficulty is pretty hard.
I didn't know how to setup the cage/chain so I used springs to make up for it, so it could still work. Other than that... thanks for the feedback! ...I'll update it if I ever get around to mapping again. I've been meaning to.
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