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Default Lagshoot?

I think so far there have been no topics about firing on a player while the game is lagged

imagine the following situation:

the game is totally locked, and you have a player as your target in front of you,
Você também tem a arma de raio.
what you do? shoot or let the lag stop to shoot?

it's very likely that somebody kicks you after you shoot, especially if the target is the admin.

it is very difficult to deviate from a ray weapon while the game is locked, but you could also take advantage of the opportunity, after all the game lagged is common.

What do you think about this kind of situation? Is there any way to solve this problem without annoying anyone?
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Just wait for the lag to stop, then give that player some time to get ready. That's what i do and it works.
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Just shoot them
Not everyone is salty enough to want to kick you because their game decided to have a lag spike
Ever tried to start a project until you find out it's too complicated then you abandon it
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