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Old 01-25-2018   #41
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Another thing.......
Wonder how those special stages are gonna be like, huh?
I had an idea, but it got lame over time, so I'm totally down for any ideas. I also might give a few more updates now because I'm kinda just feeling like doing so.
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Old 01-26-2018   #42
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Actually, I had an idea where you'd do something like the Modern Sonic skydiving but collecting things such as spheres, spikes, and time pieces...

That's just an undeveloped idea I had, and it's probably rubbish, but I'm just throwing it out there for ya.
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Old 03-13-2018   #43
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Here's more of a quick update. Currently, me and the team have been making some gameplay mechanic changes for this map pack that might make some of you smile. One being a transition system, a little similar to how the classic titles (S3K, Mania, etc) work. Here's an example!

There are many other things and features about this map pack that hasn't been thrown out to you guys yet, But I'm hoping to say that by release, the wait will be worth it. :)
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Old 03-13-2018   #44
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You might make the timer freeze it after the result but i think you knew bout that

Anyway, looks great and keep it up!
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