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Default Custom abilities help

What is the process of implementing a new custom ability into a character wad?
for an example, take an ability that destroys enemies that are close to the character and the character is facing those enemies specifically
(including a custom set of sprite for this)

Do you make a new lua script regarding object interaction?
or am i completely wrong and there's an entirely different way to do this
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Yes! You can write your own Lua script an import it into your character wad as a lump. Usually this involves using SRB2's Lua hooks and setting your code up so that it runs only for players with your character's skin. However, I encourage you to try coding some simple abilities for Sonic before delving into complex abilities for a custom character.

Arguably the best way to learn is to look inside other character wads and see how they accomplish certain tasks, then look to the wiki for things that aren't intuitive (such as the Lua hooks I mentioned before or SRB2-specific information). This gives you an active hands-on approach, but you can also just visit the convenient wiki tutorial on writing a player ability to go through things step-by-step if you prefer that. I would also suggest looking at some SOC stuff because depending on how you choose to code your ability you may need that for writing your own custom states and importing excess sprites.

Once you've gotten started, come back here for help with specific questions about your code! I've gotten a lot of good help from message board members, but you need to have specific material for them to look at first. Good luck!
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