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Old 11-30-2015   #181
Miles Tails Prower
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I started on 2.0.6
I downloaded it in 2010
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Old 12-01-2015   #182
The one and only!
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From 2009, so... about 7 years
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Old 12-01-2015   #183
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Meh, I've played since 2.1.12 :T
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Old 03-28-2016   #184
Rouge the Bat
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I've been here since version 2.0.6. That was the first time I played the game and mastered most of the levels such as Eggrock act 1 and 2. When 2.1 came out, I didn't get to try it, then I slowly forgot about the game. It was a few months after 2.1.14 was released, that I saw a video on the newly made Eggrock Zone Act 3, which got me into playing it again.

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Old 03-28-2016   #185
Twitter: @Chicmunk4u
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2.1.14 so technically I'm a noob O_O
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Old 03-28-2016   #186
Sometimes I sprite "things"
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I have begun from the version 1.09.4, i am technically a pro XDD. I started in 2010, 2009, i dont know.
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Old 03-28-2016   #187
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I... I can't remember when I started playing SRB2, but I DO know that I started playing it when 2.0.6 or 1.09.4 was around.
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Old 03-29-2016   #188

My friend showed it to me in 2012, but I played it the most when 2.1 came out.
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Old 03-29-2016   #189
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Definitely 1.09.4. I remember back when there were only 3 zones with a certain one loaded with button hunts and a copypasted bossfight! I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the old CEZ, but it's definitely for the better. It feels a lot of changes are contested by the community just because nostalgia.

I remember SRB2 being one of the first games I've played online, too.
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Old 04-15-2016   #190

I first started playing around 2004, in the 1.08 era. I had a different account/username back then. Enjoyed playing for quite some time, but ended up drifting away from the game around 2010.

Decided to give it another shot recently, and was surprised how much fun I had. Also, the newer official levels are so long! For a few of them, I spent more than 10 minutes my first time through. The netplay has been disappointing, however. I haven't been able to stay in a game for very long without getting a consistency failure.
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Old 05-17-2016   #191
MirceaKitsune's Avatar

I've slowly been around for about an year or so? I did hear of the game many years ago though, and even remember trying it out about half a decade back. I wasn't big into it due to the painfully old and limited 2.5D engine, but I do like everything else a lot so overall I'm enjoying it!
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Old 05-17-2016   #192
Meow Motherfuckers.
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Originally Posted by MascaraSnake View Post
I found out about SRB2 on Easter 2008 when me and my cousin were bored and started browsing for freeware games on the website of a German computer magazine. We were originally looking for Super Mario stuff, but when we ran out of things to play, I remembered that there was this other videogame character, "like a hedgehog or something". The only thing we found was SRB2. Because 1.09.4 still had these stupid date-activated secrets and because we had never played a Sonic game before, we thought at first that the goal of the game was to find the easter eggs. We must have spent around ten minutes in GFZ1 going in circles because at this point the star post was more or less obscured by a GFZROCK wall. Eventually we got to the end of the level, realized that easter eggs weren't the goal of the game and got to THZ1 (I think) before the day was over.

My cousin quickly lost interest and never picked the game up again, but I was fascinated and played it again and again, unable to progress beyond the first section of THZ2 for several weeks. I eventually got a little better, finished the game, went to their website and found out that you could download and play custom levels (a good portion of which were then hosted on the main website in a dedicated download section). I also discovered the forum and lurked around there for a while until it was November and SSNTails announced there would be a new version of SRB2 coming out in May. At that point I knew I was going to stay.

I eventually registered a forum account in March 2009 but stopped posting after a few days for some reason. I was around when the shitty April Fools' prank with the "n00bish" board happened, but I don't think I participated. I started posting again in May and got a lot more active when 2.0 was finally released. It was originally slated for July 25th, the day I was going to do on a two-week vacation with no internet access. Luckily for me, SSNTails released it a day earlier, so I played 2.0 the whole night through and spent the subsequent vacation being an annoying brat and wishing I was at home playing SRB2. Since then I've been a regular here, hanging around on IRC all the time and performing various tasks in the community, like moderating this very message board.

tl;dr: known about it for five years, been active for four, and 1.09.4 was the first version I played. If you want to see some real oldbies, look out for people who have "Nov 2003" as their join date: That was when the old message board crashed and they migrated to this one instead, so most of these people have been here for more than 10 years now.
I actually love that story :)
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Old 05-17-2016   #193
FP Yanara
SRB2 since '04
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I've been playing since around 2004. I think it was just shortly after Final Demo 1.08 came out, yeah, March, I think it was. I've introduced a lot of people to SRB2 in my time, and play it often with my friends on Discord, who are all patiently awaiting 2.2's release. :)
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Old 05-17-2016   #194
Yuki Shyroshi
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I started playing Sonic Robo Blast 2: Where 1.09.4 came out c:. I don't remember when i played it c:
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Old 05-20-2016   #195
Expert SRB2 Player
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It's been a year since I last posted on this... And now we're at 2.1.15. Man, do these years fly by so quickly...

We now have the ability to make slopes, and 2.2 is just around the corner. I'm looking forward to what the SRB2 Dev team have in store for us, and I'll bet it will be a real 'blast'...

I shamelessly re-used that joke, please don't hate me...
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Old 05-21-2016   #196

I forget when I first discovered SRB2. It could've been during the Final Demo era.
I didn't start playing until 2.0.X, though.
And after 2.1 was released, especially 2.1.15, I feel like I can safely say that SRB2's future is looking bright.
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Old 05-22-2016   #197
Black SpaceShip Tail
The Glaceon Maid
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I think it was demo 2 when I started single player. But in 2.1 is when I started playing muiltplayer mode.
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Old 05-27-2016   #198
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For about 8 years I played. My brother coming with new content to play (wads) I always put happy because I did not have internet, just could not write correctly.
I did not want to put the story because obviously my brother introduced me to the game and pc they bought my parents, I was about 7 or 8 years.
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