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Default Favourite game bosses.

who is you favourtie game boss?
mine is Great Mighty Poo!
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Tschibi the Reploid
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Default Re: Favourite game bosses.

I have two favourite game bosses. Omega Zero from Megaman Zero 3 and Megaman ZX and Bass/Forte from Megaman Battle Network.
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The Tortured Planet guy
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Probably Cackletta from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.
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Ich bin der Verrucktmann
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I have a great glorious number.
  • Any of the Night Bosses from Sonic Unleashed.
    Giant Ares from God of War.
    The Kraken from God of War II.
    Knuckles vs. Metal Sonic from S3K.
    Sonic vs. Knuckles from S3K.
    Braska's Final Aeon from FFX. (Not Yu Yevon. He's a wimp.)
    Most of the bosses from FFVIII (Ultimecia cheats.)
    The Omega Pirate and Metroid Prime from Metroid Prime.
    The Midgar Zolom from FFVII (Technically doesn't count considering you can kick his arse by disk two.)
    The MZ Dragon from Sonic Megamix.
    William Dresari from Mechwarrior IV Vengeance.
    Casey Nolan from Mechwarrior IV Black Knight. (I loved killing that whiner.)
    Chaos from FFI.
    Exdeath from FFV.
    Genesis from FFVII~CC~.
    Any of Tsviets from FFVII~DoC~.
    Gilgamesh from FFV. (If only because of Clash on the Big Bridge.)
    The Giant Spider from RE1.
    Del Lago from RE4.

I can think of others, but not right now.
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I do things sometimes
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Most of the boss battles in Super Bomberman 2 and Bomberman 64: TSA are fun. Also Rocket Knight Adventures and Dynamite Headdy. Can't think of anything specific at the moment.

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Obamasnow Fan-- With a Hat
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Liquid Snake (Metal Gear Solid 1) 2 Dudes fighting without shirt using their fists, what else can I say?
Gigantosaurus 2nd fight(Dino Crisis 2) It fought the T-Rex, a missile fell over it and still yet, the Giganotosaurus is still alive.
Vamp(Metal Gear Solid 4) This guy only dies if you inject him with syringe, so you can keep this exciting battle for as long as you want.
[spoiler:cfdbd87b18]Liquid Ocelot(Metal Gear Solid 4) MOST EPIC BOSS FIGHT TO EVER EXIST IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY[/spoiler:cfdbd87b18]
I liked Megaman X4 Bosses too. Hard as hell, beating them worthed a drink.
Tabuu(Super Smash Bros Brawl) Long and hard, that´s what makes it fun.

And Final Hazard.
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Tyrannosatan. Got the chance to play the game about a week ago at a friend's house who imported from Japan. Cave ftw <3
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Been working. . .
TrueTenguMan's Avatar

*Red from Pokemon Gold/silver/crystal

*Great Galdes from Final fantasy Crystal chronicles: ring of fates

*Tengu Man (duh..)

*Al Mualim from assassin's Creed

*Cubia Core and Cubia BETA from dot hack G.U.

*Chilly billi & Chilly Willy From Banjo Tooie

*Hellbat Schilt & Copy X II from mega man 3
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Old 05-05-2009   #9

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

Phantom Ganon
Queen Gohma

Super Mario 64:

Big Bob-Omb
All Bowsers
Big Boo

ALL S3&K Bosses and Mini-Bosses

As you can see, newer bosses cease to please me :<
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"It's ok, I like you too!"
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I can only remember a select few that I liked.

* Bomberman 64: Rainbow Palace boss

* The Daytime bosses from Sonic Unleashed

* The final dragon boss from Fire Emblem: Sealed Sword

* Fireman, Gutsman, Metalman, Numberman, from the Megaman series
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Originally Posted by fawfulfan
Probably Cackletta from Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.
How can that boss be cool if it can be defeated in two turns?

My favorite bosses are:

-Shadow Queen
-The Siren Sisters (with Doopliss)
-General Guy
-Macho Grubba (With a unique fight and a badass song, I had to put this here)
-Bowser in TTYD.
-Rawk Hawk

...I feel like adding Hamma, Bamma, and Flare in here.
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The man with no plan.
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Shouldn't this be in Video gaming?
Originally Posted by Grazon
For one to beat this game so perfectly one must have no life.
Originally Posted by Arf
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Old 05-11-2009   #13
dominicapopo's Avatar

Mine are:

Any bosses from the Touhou series
The Night bosses from Sonic Unleashed
Black Doom in Shadow the Hedgehog
Giygas in Earthbound
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Jet the Hedgehog
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My favorite bosses are...

The dark queen from sonic and the black knight.
The Dooms Day zone 2 boss from sonic and knuckles and sonic 3 and knuckles.
The Dooms Day zone 1 boss from sonic and knucles and sonic 3 and knuckles.
The Final Hazard from sonic adventure 2 battle.
Perfect Chaos from sonic adventure XD.
The Egg Wizzard from sonic rush adventure.
Dark Gaia from sonic unleashed.
The final boss (cant remember his name.) in sonic and the secret rings.
Bowser and King Boo from luigi's mansion.
Manta Storm from super mario sunshine.
And the plant boss thingy from metroid prime.

I know its alot but they're my favorites.
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Old 05-11-2009   #15
Chaos Knux
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Absolute Favorite: Impossible to choose.

Fav to kill: Dark Dragon from Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention

Fav just to reach: The Guy (seen him, but haven't personally approached the palace safely)

Fav to fight: Night Unleashed Bosses, only time I actually like the NightFight style.

Fav Challenge: Dark Samus Hyper difficulty w/o using Phazon Gatling Gun
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Originally Posted by Derpy Hooves; Today, Tomorrow, and Forever
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crazy escape
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my fav bosses (in no order):

Sephiroth in kh1 and 2. He was very hard to beat and it was awesome seeing him fight in real time.

the hegehog vs. other animal fights from sonic 3 to sonic heroes. fighting another animal was a nice change of pace from fighting robots all the time.

Riku Replica final time and Axel final time in the original KH:CoM for gba
They were really fun to pwn.

Ghost condor of Sonic Rush Adventure. Running at high speeds evading obstacles and being able to spinkick the robot continuously? The fight is 12 kinds of epic.

The last three boss fights against the conductor in The World Ends With You. They were very fun and the very last part of the final boss was epic also.

Cloud of darkness in FF3. the music was catchy and the fight was challenging.

the ghostly bonus boss (I forgot his name) in megaman starforce 1.
Whailing on him particular was satisfying as he was braggish.
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Autosaver's Avatar

* The Daytime bosses from Sonic Unleashed
Not to butt in but those were horrible.
Its basically a level with actual OBJECTS in the way.
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I do things sometimes
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Perhaps he has the 360 version? From the looks of it, the bosses in that version were easily harder.

EDIT: *facepalm*

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Old 05-16-2009   #19
nightmare cenz
nightmare cenz's Avatar

My favorite bosses are:
Sonic Series:
-Final Boss - Sonic 2
-Egg Vyper - SA/SADX
-Egg Wynver - Sonic '06

Zelda Series
-Phantom Ganon - Zelda Oot
-Bongo Bongo - Zelda Oot
-Molgera - Zelda Ww

Megaman Series
-Zero/X - Megaman X5
-Omega Zero - Megaman Zero 3
-Dr. Weil (Final Phase) - Megaman Zero 4

Other Series
-Pixy - Ace Combat Zero
-Ridley - Metroid Zero Mission
-Ripper Roo - Crash Team Racing
Starlight Palace Zone in 0'57''54 as Sonic
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Old 05-16-2009   #20
FinalEpsilon's Avatar

I'm a huge RPG fan so naturally RPG bosses will take up most of this list:

Duke :: Tales of Vesperia
Kratos Aurion :: Tales of Vesperia
Mithos Yggdrasil :: Tales of Symphonia
Van Grants :: Tales of the Abyss
Nebilim :: Tales of the Abyss
Raem [2nd form] :: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Zeromus :: Final Fantasy IV DS
Ultima Weapon :: Final Fantasy...period
Ultimecia :: Final Fantasy VIII
Megumi Kitaniji :: The World Ends With You
Nyx Avatar :: Persona 3
Ganondorf/Ganon :: The Legend of Zelda series
Majora's Incarnation :: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Albert Wesker [not mutated] :: Resident Evil 5
Metal Sonic :: Sonic CD
Dark Samus :: Metroid Prime 3
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