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Old 12-25-2016   #1
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Default Holiday Haul 2016 Thread

As with the last few years, we're just going to make this thread ahead of time to avoid any issues with having like four threads. Post your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/winter solstice holiday gift bragging here. These threads tend to work better with pictures, so I highly encourage you post a photo of your haul as well as a description. Yes, I DID just totally copy-paste this text from last year. It's easier that way =P
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Zwip-Zwap Zapony
Please just call me Zappy.
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Considering my birthday was the 10th December (just 2 weeks before X-mas), I hope it may be okay if I combine birthday gifts with X-mas gifts.

Excuse the poor quality, I took the picture with a phone that's pretty old. I bought the Wii U and PlayStation 4 myself years ago, they weren't gifts.
The 8-bit 30th Anniversary Mario amiibo came with Super Mario Maker, which I got last year as birthday (or X-mas?) gift, and the Sonic amiibo was a random gift during this year for no special occasion.
Those two amiibo are only pictured to show how many and which amiibo I have now.

For my birthday this year, I got the four amiibos on the lower left, being Blue Yarn Yoshi, Dark Pit, Wario, and Luigi. That's way more amiibo than I expected. I only expected one, maybe two at most.
Not pictured are a bottle of nutella, and a gift card for a round of fish 'n' chips.

For X-mas this year, I got Paper Mario: Colour Color Splash, a Princess Peach amiibo, a high-speed 5-meter HDMI (with ethernet) cable, a 20-Euro gift card for Steam, and a wireless mouse with batteries that are said to last 36 months (I wished for a wireless mouse that could be charged through a USB cable, but one that doesn't have to be charged is good enough too).
Yes, I now have 7 amiibo. And also yes, I'm slightly upset "Colour Splash" is spelt without a U despite being the European version.
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The unreliable joodge
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Pictured presents
  • A new coat
  • Cupcake in a mug
  • Samurai Champloo boxset
  • Tin of Christmas teas
  • New desk lamp
  • New microphone
  • and a pop stopper for said microphone!
  • Book about the art of Hayao Miyazaki
  • And a pair of DC comic notebooks

Not-pictured glorious Steam presents
  • Amnesia: Memories
  • Astebreed
  • Mega Man Legacy Collection
  • Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty
  • Saints Row IV
  • War for the Overworld

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happy, pretty, lovely!
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Listing from approx. front to back:
  • An Arceus keychain, for my car keys
  • Pokemon cards!
  • Superman 64. Don't worry; I got him back.
  • Chocobo Racing! I never even remembered to ask for it but I've been wanting it for a while
  • Various DS games that I kind of just suggested to give my family enough ideas (but I still like them anyway!)
  • Mega Mawile card sleeves because all other card sleeves are inferior
  • The Alola Collection. Did you know the Litten isn't even a promo? Get rekt, shit cat.
  • A little arcade ball-shooting toy, since I seem to get one of those every year from someone.
I also got a jacket and a suitcase that I forgot to take pictures of

And although they weren't a gift to me, I bought some stickers that arrived in the mail today too
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hakuna matata..?
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I got a coffee mug and a lottery ticket.
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typicality nonsensical
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A neat shirt, a neat book, Pokémon Sun, and glowcat.
I like remastering MIDIs? Oh I guess there's no harm in a few minutes of your time.
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Old 12-25-2016   #7
Mystic's Avatar

As the family budget is less this year, no crazy shit this time. Just a few things I wanted but couldn't afford at the time.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD
  • Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary
  • Assorted Manga
  • $25 of United States currency.
Puyo Puyo will likely be fun with my group of friends, though. Download play on those games is amazing.
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Old 12-25-2016   #8
Fres's Avatar

Spoiler: Image

I got some games to add to my ever-growing collection of (3)DS games.

Not pictured is a $10 Nintendo Eshop card, an amiibo, and a *New* 3DS currently in shipping.
Originally Posted by GreenKnight9000 View Post
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TripleT's Avatar

Yeah I got nothing until a week later when my mom mails me my presents. Also I might buy myself a Christmas present.
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Old 12-27-2016   #10
a scar in time...
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...I got nothing this year.
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Old 12-27-2016   #11
Blue Hedgehog Acceleration
SANICBOOM644's Avatar

My parents said I would get presents if I got all A's on my finals and still I got nothing again this year. I wanted a New Galaxy 3DS but now it seems useless as the Switch is launching in March
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Old 12-27-2016   #12
The board's UK Ecologist
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I didn't really want too much this year because most of what I wished for was money to go towards my South Africa trip in April 2017. I did get a few little things though:
  • A Cold - Thanks to my workmates for that. Luckily it hasn't lasted too long, so I was able to get rid of most of it very quickly. Only the 3rd time this year I got proper ill too and 3rd Christmas in a row too.
  • Fishing Rod for freshwater coarse fishing.
  • Lots of sweet foods; the equivilant of a 1st course meal full of Diabetes.
  • Toiletries giftpack which came with a music speaker, which is quite handy actually.
  • New rucksack for my South Africa trip, along with a Flora and Fauna field guide to go with it.
  • Crazy magnetic putty which stretches, bounces, clings onto magnets, and with multiple magnets; move on it's own.
  • £100 towards anything else.

The £100 was a side thing I could do anything I wish with it, so I decided to use some of that on:
  • Dawn of the bunny suicides comedy book by Andy Riley - because his warped humor is the reason why I love his books.
  • Metal locker bank, which I really needed something secure in order to find somewhere to place my wallet, keys, and money in without stuffing it in my pockets and forgetting; something which I have a bad habit of doing.
  • Several booster packs of Pokemon XY Evolutions and Pokemon Generations.
  • The rest of it will most likely go towards Ecology surveying equipment for the trip next year.

I'm very happy and quite content with this year and I wasn't expecing half of this either. I just wanted to see my friends and family mainly. Now it's time to wait till the 31st where I can get slaughtered on my favourite drink mix, Fat Frog. Hope everyone's having a good Christmas/Hanukkah/Holiday too.
Everyone is entitled to their own truthful opinion on this planet...

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Old 12-28-2016   #13
I do things sometimes
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I'd post a picture of what I got, but I already ate most of it.

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Old 12-28-2016   #14
Meow Motherfuckers.
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My family and I are celebrating this week Hanukkah... That means, no school this week!
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Old 12-28-2016   #15
"Lat'"'s Avatar

This year, I got a New3DS XL from my parents (although I just asked for a normal New3DS to play Pokemon Moon without framedrops, lol), some money from my grandparents, and a nice scarf with a pair of gloves from my aunt, and some chocolate as well <3

Spoiler: ...I also happen to have stumbled accross a shiny Latias in Omega Ruby on Christmas day.

...Adamant nature though
Originally Posted by Bronydude2k5 View Post
If you make me a Sash Lilac wad, I'll make you a sonic sprite hack of any choice.
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Old 12-30-2016   #16
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I got a Skillet...
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Old 01-06-2017   #17
Lawful Neutral
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Not much. The reality of being a working almost-adult has set in:

A $25 Visa gift card This was great, bought FFXV's season pass.
A $20 Starbucks card. Wasn't too excited at first but it was really useful for a week of buying lunch at work or otherwise.
A $10 Amazon gift card. Haven't used yet.

And shirts and candy basically. I mean, I never buy shirts with my own money so it's nice.
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Old 01-06-2017   #18
hakuna matata..?
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Well aside from the Star Wars mug and a lottery ticket, I used the powers of a teenager with parents and got this:

Took me good 4 hours, one cup of hot chocolate and 10 hurting fingers to build, but it was very satisfying.

(cat for scale)
<Majro> or maybe they simply walk at sucking

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Old 01-10-2017   #19
TripleT's Avatar

I never did get anything for Christmas. Oh well I am sure most people not get anything unless they bought themself something which I need to do actually.
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Old 01-11-2017   #20
Spikes The Echidna
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Originally Posted by TripleT View Post
I never did get anything for Christmas. Oh well I am sure most people not get anything unless they bought themself something which I need to do actually.
Even me, i Don't get anything for Christmas also, i just buy, so your not alone buddy.

Actually my goal is to fill every single thread i post in with laughs.
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