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Old 01-31-2017   #21
/H2MT<Please,just take it!>
Default Update (31.1.2017)

For full resolution just click on picture !

Now this pack will be name "progredior pack" .

I redone with skybox for now.

there is little proggress of ACT 1

Now at the cave isn't End Level sign but boss sign. I know its small but i will make it bigger.


Whupps.... i will at future try not replace existing textures... xD


Btw my computer have now problem run ACT02 at 35 FPS even on OPENGL..

Thanks for feedback... for those who think MAP02 "Photosynthesis Zone Act 2" is look familiar to GFZ1 because it was remaster of it before i decided to make it MAP02.

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Old 02-04-2017   #22
/H2MT<Please,just take it!>

Guys.... There is Beta of ""my"" "Two maps".
I know its unfinish but still i need feedback so...

To final release i have to do:
-Use more slopes
-Redesign Map02 because it still look similar to GFZ01
-Fix some glitchies at Software mode/ Opengl Mode.


1.Warning: Software mode have more graphical glitchies than OPENGL mode.
2.Warning: Meaby it will have much bigger impact on FPS.

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Old 02-04-2017   #23
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Wow, I really like the look of the skybox in your third screenshot.
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Old 03-01-2017   #24
/H2MT<Please,just take it!>

Its has been 1 mouth without update....
I will be inactive atleast mouth because I am preparing on my biggest test at my life.
I don't write this because I wanted to complain.
So there is frist screenshot.

Main reason why I added this image because of Mechanical Rabbits or I called them #Crawlaisbetter.
I am trying like I said at previous post redone everything because PHZ2 was too much with GFZ1 affected and PHZ1 is bassicly s**t level.
You can see I added some of textures....

I little bit change up paths. There is one upper path and one normal path now.
Yes its not finish there is flying grass...

There I am trying to do Special Stages and there are heavily WIP.
Because I wanna mess up with gravity ,slopes and FOFs.

Boss fight room and match room will not share same room anymore....

Bonus stages can be accessible by console commands now but at future meaby will be somehow accessible.
MAP 38 MAP 37 MAP 36.
I will not post any images.. of these maps because it won't be bonus anymore.
Bassicly Map 38 is My personal map 01 without any custom content.
Map 37 is unused Stage for boss fight.
Map 36 is Theme park... or Future park I don't know how i call it.
Its bassicly Showcase theme of future levels at pack.

So that all for now...

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