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I think it was said to be the mini boss for studiopolis based on another image where knuckles is running away

Either way i'm so hyped for mania and intrigued to see what sonic 'Project 17' brings to the table
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Spoiler: New throwback stage confirmed
Sonic & Knuckles' Flying Battery Zone returns and the backgrounds looks so sick! I'm so happy this got in, as it was on my top 3 most wanted throwback zones.

It's also been delayed until Summer, so it's not too long of a wait. The box art and the posters look amazing and I'm curious to find out what the blurred image on the stream was. A new stage? or a throwback? (If it's a throwback, I'm calling either Sonic 2 Hidden's Palace, Sonic CD's Tidal Tempest, or Sonic 3's Hydro City. Bold predictions I know, but it's the closest I could match the blurred textures with) who knows. A new stage would be really nice though.
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