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Originally Posted by Potatosack View Post
Nice MK8 with that hairpin turn at the end ;) In all seriousness though, the actual map looks interesting. Good job, Chaotic Chao!
That really caught my eye as well! lol
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Ooh, are those custom Tails sprites I see? Very nice.
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Are Gliding segments going to be a thing

The Gifs are breaking :l
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To be fair, I'm not sure how gliding will work, but if it's anything like this, I'd say wait for Kart 2.3 on the Unity engine. :P
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I repeat my previous sentiments about maps looking r a d


are both the shortcuts on the two hairpin turns?
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I've missed out on quite a lot. Seeing all the new work on the project is making me excited. It's especially nice to see slopes getting some use as well. Green Hill Circuit is looking great. Part of me is glad that Speedometer isn't final. I know it's just a nitpick but I'm so used to the new Mario font (that they've been using since 3D Land), that I just think the old one looks ugly now.
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