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a scar in time...
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Speedrunning is an art form! Mostly, I didn't think this was a big enough deal to warrant its own topic, so here is my speedrun of Sonic 2 Boss attack from the iOS version of the game.

When a person reads, that person becomes a musician of literature, playing the piece upon the instrument of his or her own imagination, expressing it through the dynamics and articulation of emotion and experience.

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ʇxǝʇ pǝddᴉlɟ ɹɐoɯ ɥʇᴉʍ ʍou
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This is most certainly art. Me and .Jazz. visiting Starlit Warehouse Zone at night.
(3440x1440 and coronas are a courtesy of 1.09.4a, thank you devs apparently you did do something good once!)
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Wink ;)

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Right there, Criminal Scum!
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I Created some 3D assets for Unreal from Scratch:

Now with Light/Emission ;), All objects are low poly, Couch details are baked into NormalMaps.
He came in like a Wrecking ball.
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Overly sleepy
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Default Current animator

Here are a few works and keyframes with lineart practices

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Top Cock
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This is Teabat. He is shaped like a friend.
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Fast as a speeding snail~!
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Drawing of some girl walking through a market district of sorts. Too lazy to finish the 'market district' part.
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*This guy is making sprites
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Here comes one of my SRB2 Screenshots edited with Paint.NET . So, I'm using it as a wallpaper right now.

It have a watermark to notice that the wallpaper is taken (screenshot) and edited by me.

EDIT: CG7244 is my new username now.
<CG7244> We spriters can see EEEEVEEERYYTHINGG....... ~Good luck M8~
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Actually prefers birds
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Hopefully the pics will work LOL I can't trust these no-easy-preview forums

I unironically like MLP and I am not ashamed to say it
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