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Hi! I'm Lach, though I also go by Phys sometimes. I've been playing SRB2 casually on and off for a couple of years but recently I started playing it a lot more and realized how much I love it, so I thought I'd involve myself in the community a bit.

Fun fact: I play SRB2 on a Mac using a Wineskin wrapper. Seems a bit dodgy but it actually works pretty flawlessly, with the only major restriction being that I can't use the software renderer. I rarely encounter any emulation-specific issues.
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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #1482
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Grettings! I'm Jazz. I've been around a while ago, but I saw this Introduce Yourself thread today. Hope isn't too late to Introduce myself. I kinda suck at it but I'll do my best.

I've been lurking around this game since 2.0.6 but I wasn't confident enough to join the community. Right now, I'm trying to improve myself in the mapping section. I made a few maps but I didn't release anything oficially.

A bit about me: I consider myself a Daydreamer, Sometimes I'm off in my own world of ideas. I like creating stuff, Drawing (Still improving myself), Retro Games (Arcade specially) and Jazz music. Oh, I also have an unconditional love for cats.

I hope finding my place here in the community.
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