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Well i like the songs in the game (well except His World *little bit*)

But i don't like long loading screens, poor player control and who can forget that Silver keep attacking you and won't let you get a chance to attack him (While keep shouting "It's no use!" Over and over again)
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Originally Posted by Fres View Post
I have yet to try it, I'm one of those people who really enjoys and gets a good laugh out of broken games , and the brokeness extends to the multiplayer mode too, so of course I must screw my brother over with mind-numbing glitches.
Someone agrees with my opinion for Sonic 06!
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The ideas were pretty neat and some of them found their usage in later games. It is still a pitty that so much potential got lost due to rushed development.

But on the other hand I got this game for just 5 bucks in a like new condition and it kept me amused for quite a while so I cannot complain too much about it :P
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I don't absolutely hate it like what seems to be the rest of the internet, but I also hate the way the characters control. I think if you could control your characters well, I wouldn't have a problem with it.
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I didn't think this thread would get this popular!
On topic: While I do like the game, there are some problems that I have with it.
1. Princess Elise. And I thought Princess Peach gets kidnapped too much. But the worst problem I have with her is she seems to have some sort of affection to Sonic. And I mean the "lovey dovey" kind of affection. It just seems so strange.
2. The story. The story could've been well executed, but I guess the developers were like," Screw it let's just have them time travel all over the place" And then, at the END OF THE GAME the whole story gets erased from existence.
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