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Default Master Server lagging of ping

Guys. How to reduce lag of my master server please

Name Server: -=Vincy's Server MOST FUN=-
Ping: 127 (but how to reduce of 50-30ms my internet is faster)
Gametype: Co-op
Wads: 16
My Ping: 17ms


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You can't.

Ping, in the Master Server, is the amount of time, in milliseconds, that takes for the Master Server itself to reach to your server and return.
Keep in mind that there's an incredibly high chance that the country you currently reside in is far away from the country the Master Server is hosted in, and both internet providers may also be different.
Take into account not only your internet, but the internet service of joining players.

In short, you can't make the internet send packets internationally faster. You have what you get.
If anything, you could try getting a faster internet plan, but I don't think you can make your computer just machinegun packets to somebody else and back faster than everybody.
Another alternative is moving your residence to a different country lol

EDIT: Might as well mention that you're hosting a server, not a "master server". Master server is the service that this site provides that lists all open servers for easy connection to servers, which you are most likely not hosting.
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