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Default Camera or Mouse Problem

Hello, with the release of the new pack I have tried playing srb2 again. The problem is I play with my mouse. When moving the mouse the best way I can describe the problem is that the camera forces its way back whenever I move my mouse. It gets stuck if I move it up or down as fast as I can. I have unplugged my mouse and tried using my numpad as the mouse, as I don't have another mouse handy, but it still doesn't work. I have a logitech mouse and have tried disabling the software, messed around with the in-game settings a ton, but can't find a solution. If I hold the END key (center view) it sort of fixes the problem, as I move the mouse it automatically centers it after it snaps back. Which means when I move my mouse left, it snaps back right and centers it. Just looking for some help so I can play the new pack with my friends. Thanks in advanced :)

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Ok so I've figured out what's happening: My mouse is being forced to the middle of the screen. If I alt tab and move my mouse, alt tab to srb2, and then alt tab once more, I'll find my mouse back in the middle. Any help would be wonderful.
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This is due to how the game's coded, rather than tracking your mouse's movement directly, the game instead checks how far your pointer has traveled every frame and brings it back to the center again on the next. There is nothing wrong with your mouse.
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but I've never had this problem before, and I can't even use my mouse in gameplay, it goes back to the center and the camera follows it back to the center. so if its the game, why is it only now that I am noticing it?

edit: I forgot I still have srb2 1.9 aswell, and my mouse works perfect in there. I've tried a fresh download of 2.1.19 and my camera is still messed up
edit2: My mouse is fine in srb2dd.exe

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Sounds like your problems are to do with SDL2 then, we switched srb2win.exe to it since 2.1.12 or so. As far as I recall it handles mouse input differently to srb2dd.exe (which uses DirectX, which is what we used to use), and currently it involves a hack that teleports your mouse back to the center to keep your mouse in the window.

We probably should do something about that hack perhaps, if possible.
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Gotta say that I have similar mouse problems in the SDL2 exe, it screws up the precision of my aiming. That's why I'm still using srb2dd...
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