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Christmas is coming
Default Commmands And Multiplayer

Related to this thread.
Heres a small example of whats in my unfinished autoexec.cfg:

bind k DefaultControls
alias DefaultControls "CECHODURATION 1; CECHO Defualt Controls; soundtest 0; soundtest 56;"

When in a netgame, if I press K with that in my autoexec.cfg, will others see the CECHO and hear the soundtest? If they do, what can I use instead so that only I have both a visual and audible indicator that Ive pressed K? I plan to have the same button cycle through control schemes.
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No, and there's nothing you can put into autoexec.cfg that will do what you want. Autoexec.cfg isn't synched with other players. It's simply a tool that executes a bunch of console commands when you load your game.

Hell, think about it: if there WAS a way to do what you suggest, do you think people wouldn't abuse the hell out of it to play as many obnoxious sound effects as possible in netgames?
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Monster Iestyn
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You COULD make a custom command with Lua to add a visual indicator to the HUD that you've pressed k, at least in theory (you would have to make the alias run the command, and make the command itself change some variable to make a custom HUD function draw your indicator, etc etc).

But then that's not autoexec.cfg territory anymore, and would modify the game. =V

EDIT: Also yeah soundtest only plays a sound for the person who changed it, it wasn't designed for netgame purposes after all.
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