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Chaotic Chao 3
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Originally Posted by Jorklenis2 View Post
Well, since SRB2 is an open source game and the best thing they can do to stop the hacks is to use "BAN" command so you get rid of them, but the bad thing is that you can re-enter the game by just changing your Name, would be cool to be banned by IP.
I thought the "ban" command bans the player's IP Address.


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You could just ban them but the sorts of 'Hackers' we encountered knows how to change their IP adresses so we'd have to ban them multiple times.

Tbh there are no 'Hackers' in srb2 right now
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Well, you do have ban ranges at your disposal!

Though if they're abusing VPNs, you're sunk, unless someone invents some Lua that has a list of blacklisted proxy addresses saved so you know when someone is on a bad connection.

And MK.exe, the term you're looking for is a "Black-Hat", someone who hacks or abuses a hole in a part of the application to their own benefit.
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