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Lord Almighty
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Default Your "WTF" moments in Gaming

This topic might contain some spoilers, consider yourself warned.

If you've played quite a few games, you've most likely had a "WTF" moment a one part of a game's storyline or another. Here's when mine have occurred (in Zelda games, seeing as those are really the only times I've had a "WTF" moment)

Ocarina of Time:

Every time I saw who the Sage was,
When those two sisters combine into the final stage of the Spirit Temple's boss

Twilight Princess:

Midna being the Twilight Princess,
Midna killing Zant,
Zant...maiming Ganondorf?
First time Link transforms into a wolf

I'll list more later.

Anyway, post your "WTF" moments.
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Fatal Frame: Everything that pops up at you etc.
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SATSR:When Erazor changes to an "Incomplete" monster.

And the fact you punch his "Mole" thing on his back. :(
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The Elementor
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Sonic Heroes: When Metal transformed
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a scar in time...
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Sonic the Hedgehog. The Classic. When I got to the end of Labyrinth Zone Act 1...and there was no end post.
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There and back again~
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EDIT: We now have spoiler tags, check my next post
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Pretty chill guy
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Right when I learned that Crash Bandicoot now uses a health system, and punch-kick combos.
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-Drawing blanks here, I haven't played Mario games in a looong time. :P
The Legend of Zelda:
-When Link was transformed into a Deku scrub. Of course, then again, I had countless WTF moments while playing Majora's Mask, especially while fighting the Majora's Mask itself! xD
-Mirror of Twilight shattered
-Midna was the Twilight Princess
-Fighting Zant, he was a total Maniac
Sonic the hedgehog:
-Seeing Big the cat in City Escape
-Looking at Rouge for the first time *shot*
-Trying to figure out how to spin dash in Sonic CD
-Experiencing rare, but fatal glitches while playing SA2, Sonic Heroes, or Sonic Riders.
-"Shadow the hedgehog", the game, enough said. *tortured*
-Getting killed by exploding needles. O_O
-The first time I got attacked by the Flood, when they started firing at me
-The ending
-Wondering why COOP isn't in the PC version!
Kyattō Ninden Teyandee Famicom game:
-Whose dumb idea was it to make a game based on this cheesy cartoon in the first place? The NES game was actually better and more action-packed than the show, and that's saying a lot. :P *shot for accidentally watching it*
I have more, just can't think of them right now...
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If I remember correctly, the level was named "out of the blue" on N+.
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The board's UK Ecologist
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Sonic Heroes:

Mecha Sonic's Transformation, man that's a load of money spent on the parts...

Sonic 1 (Genesis)

Dying after coming out of the loop so fast on GHZ act 1. It is possible by going up the loop, then as soon as you go down, hit the jump button, and hold down, and if done correct you'll zoom to the loop so fast, at the end it will make the floor as a death pit. Weird.
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light dasher
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Glitches....Don't they always cause a "WTF" moment?
Originally Posted by Nev3r
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Sergeant Brown
An Eggman Fan
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Shadow the hedgehog:

-When Black Doom says that Shadow was created by Black Doom's blood.
-When at the 2nd Dark Side Stage, there's a whole bunch of chao at a big lantern's place.

Sonic Heroes:

-Metal Sonic's Transformation.
-When the Chaotix knows that their client is Eggman.
-When I knew that Cheese has a friend called Chocola.
-When at the end of Team Dark's story, Rouge finds a bunch of Shadow clones.

Sonic Chronicles:

-When I knew that all the marauders were echidnas.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles:

-When at Sandopolis Act 2 as Knuckles, the ghosts are already there (did Sonic came before him?).

-The amount of glitches that I found through my way.

Sonic CD (USA & Europe):

-The Game Over song.

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Metal Gear Mass-Murderer
Rukario's Avatar

-Metal Gear Solid 2 : Sons of Liberty

When Colonel starts blabbering "I hear it's amazing when the purple stuffed worm with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hari Kari rock! I need scissors! 61!" and other random lines.

-Metal Gear Solid 4 : Guns of the Patriots

Old Snake.
Back from the dead... I guess.
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Chaos Knux
Daww, a mother and her foal
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Megaman X4, when I saw Sigma's Final Form.

Metroid Prime 2 Echoes:
When that one enemy gave my suit a virus.
When I saw Dark Samus return after asploding.
When the
Emperor Ing went chrysalis

(If you have a better way to do it on a Wii, I'd LOVE to see it.)
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Last edited by Chaos Knux; 08-01-2013 at 04:00 PM. Reason: fixing brokenness caused by Wii
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Chaos Zero 64
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Screw Attack's Top 10 OMGWTF Moments in Gaming says it all. It contains swears, so no youtube link for you. I actually agree with its #1 choice.
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light the elementa
Elementa Forever!
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Mario Sunshine: When I did the glitch to be so far above the level that you can't fall down. Ever. But once when I did it i could see a *tiny* speck of something so i ground pounded and eventually, like a while, i fell and landed on one of those bird things.

Quick Edit:

Mario Galaxy: I did the homing ground pound for my first time threw me off the level into a black hole.
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now Known as Player 1.1

The fact that Sonic Heroes Levels are SO FREAKING LONG! (Sonic Heroes)
When Sonic Jumped off the egg carrier to chase eggman (SADX)

Legend of Zelda:
When Link ended up 7 years older (OoT)
When Link jumped into the moon and it was grassy o.0 (MM)
When Link saved Zelda and he became a criminal (Link to the Past)
When Image of the boy trapped in the Dark World dissapears (Link to the Past)

The White Luma at the Ending , it flew into the center of a freaking supernova (Galaxy)
How Mario survived a black hole while other ones in the game insta-killed him. (Galaxy)
When I fought Bowser and threw him off the edge 5000 times and he still didn't die (64DS)

Everything :P *shot*

When I'm always getting freaking Ambushed (1/2)
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Now with less viruses
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When a cpu got the hydra in city trial and went on a power trip mauling every player and the othe cpu there.
Meta knights face.

Dry bowser appearing.

the legendary ending on halo one. (LOL)
when i shot someone up the buttox with a shotgun and his reaction to it when he died.
fliyng dumpster glitch in halo 3.
Finding out that they may be making a halo4 and a halo 3 special edition with black armor soldiers.

When you get attacked by the sa-x and when you fight the omega metroid.
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The Elementor
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When I was running around in the arena and an Elementor dropped a huge meteor on me O_O
I think I love Buizel too much?...nah XD
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...Wait. I'm here?
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-When Metal Sonic transformed(Final events, Sonic Heroes).
-When i discovered that Shadow was created from Black Doom's soul(Final events, Shadow The Hedgehog).
-When Princess Peach leaved a note before the Pipe to fight Bowser for the 1st time(First events, SM64/SM64DS).
-When the BeanBean Village got attacked...AGAIN(Final events, Mario & Luigi:Superstar Saga).
-When Link gets transported to the dark world(Legend Of Zelda:A Link To the past).
Crash Bandicoot:
-When Crash and Cortex team up(Crash Twinsanity).
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