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Default Arkham Origians revealed

Well, Rock Steady has recently revealed their prequel to Arkham City at E3 with a ton of screenshots videos, even a demo of a game was available to play there. The game's main protagonists are, Death Stroke (Slade), Cat Woman, Penguin, The Joker, Bane, Black Mask, and Dead Shot. There's already an entire video out about Arkham origins featuring gameplay mechanics, new villains, new environment, new gadgets, and new detective mode. The game will still have old Gotham from Arkham City, but before it was flooded, and it will also have new Gotham which is more focused on the Z axis rather than Y and X. This game is based about 2 years into Batman's carrier on Christmas Eve. Still being early in his carrier the cops still think of him as an outlaw. It will be on Xbox 360, 3DS, PS vita, and PC.
If you like the video games, and game discussion, you'll probably like Extra Credits.

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You already have a thread on this...
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