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Abandoned Waterway
Version: , by Telwen Telwen is offline
Developer Last Online: Aug 2017

Category: Version: SRB2 Rating: (2 votes - 3.60 average)
Released: 08-01-2017 Last Update: Never Installs: 0
Single Player Levels

First released map of mine, took a few weeks to put together. Map making for this game takes a while to get used to.

Concept behind level is that I wanted to make an interesting water level. Usually water levels suffer from slowdown and some frustration so I wanted to alleviate some of that without making it too easy, though overall I'd say the level isn't hard. Map design is similar to Dark Souls: its quite interconnected. The level is fairly long and can take around 5+ minutes to complete, though I was able to complete it in 2:50.

There's ten emblems to collect if you're interested in that. Note that one of them to my knowledge is Rosy required (I like using her). If you can get to it without her let me know as it was an attempt at making a Rosy route, though its short.

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Prime 2.0
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Welcome to Releases!
Science tells us that nothing can be proven, only rendered more likely to be true. If we do not question what we already know, how can we know, much less admit, when we're wrong? Such things are vital to progress.
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Hey, this was a nice surprise to play. I played this and found that I should provide feedback, given how large and how well it was constructed. This is my opinion/perspective/what have you from playing through about 3 times with Sonic and Tails.

It has lots of laid back platforming/button hunting, very chill level with lots of terrain to explore.
*Flashbacks to final demo CEZ2*
...well anyway

What I liked:
-You've got a good eye for what level design should feel like on this engine, and thus your level doesn't play like a chaotic mess. That's always a plus in my book.

-For a water level there was always a supply of air bubbles to run into. By this, I mean that you never had to wonder where you can find your next air supply, as they are strategically placed in groups rather than in corners that the player might not see across the room in dark water. Good job on this.

-From a map-making perspective, nice use of water mechanics, Like the room with the continually rising/lowering water level that required the debris to progress was a nice part that I remembered.

-You picked a nice combination of level textures/ terrain design, giving it a uniform look that makes sense, and sector based setpieces that add to the feel of the level, like the air bubble grates. Lots of the slope-based scenery is easy on the eyes, and your tendency to make every area look distinct from each other is appreciated, and overall important to the gimmick of the level, which I will elaborate on below.

-Button hunts in levels run the risk of coming off as a chore if they are handled improperly. What I mean by this is...levels that have you search for a button to open a door should always have that door nearby, or should be a door that the player has very recently seen.

Playing through a level only to hit a switch for a door that I flew past 20 minutes(!) ago will only leave me wandering around hallways until I finally figure out I have to backtrack to end the level. My suggestion? Make a cutaway camera. Or as Prime pointed out in IRC, resort to some sort of directional indicator for where you should go next-the first instinct for most players is not to go back the way you came, but to instead find a new area you haven't been to yet.

-Invisible walls shouldn't be used where the player thinks they can go without a good reason for doing so. While I understand that you don't want people rubbing up against the "black void" in the lake, it leads to a weird visual/design problem that you assume that you'll be fine when you're doing it in an underwater current-although this is a minor nitpick, that lead to a quick learning death.

-Try putting more "hidden" things in the level. Even if you've only got a handful of rings behind a door to give me, at least remember to reward those for looking in those nooks and crannies.

All things considered, I hope you continue to make maps and improve. This was a pretty solid level and I thank you for the time and effort you clearly put into it!
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Old 4 Days Ago   #4
Prime 2.0
Actually a decent lazy bum
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Something random to note that I didn't think to say originally, but button hunts don't mix so great with race mode, since people are incentivized to just wait at the door itself for someone else to open the thing. In final demo Castle Eggman Zone, this was resolved by having button hunt doors already be open in racing gametypes, so you just went straight for the exit.

As doing this straight in Abandoned Waterway would mean that almost the entire level is bypassed though, you may want to have the exit appear in the console room for race mode, with button doors on the way there being opened, rather than having the SP exit itself be accessible from the get-go.
Science tells us that nothing can be proven, only rendered more likely to be true. If we do not question what we already know, how can we know, much less admit, when we're wrong? Such things are vital to progress.

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