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Default Wall lighting oddly inconsistent.

When playing with a custom colormap, I was able to notice that certain angles gave peculiar results when it comes to the lighting of them. These examples /are/ in the same sector as the walls around it, so I have to wonder if it might be an issue with the angles themselves. I have provided a variety of screenshots of CEZ, in an attempt to figure out what exactly could be causing this.

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Ya Gal Sal Here (σᴥσ)
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Intentional, probably won't be changed.
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Hmm, so ideally, would there be options to either disable it, or use a gradual method like ZDoom?

Great, this has just become a feature request, hasn't it.
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Generally it's not a good idea to disable it, as it provides extra contrast which helps a lot with easily seeing what's going on. If you need it off, build your map with only diagonal linedef directions and you won't see it; it only activates on horizontal and vertical linedefs.
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