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Originally Posted by LemeInthrigil
Also, try to read your posts before you post them. I've seen much worse spelling/grammar, but bad spelling/grammar still annoys me and is hard to read.
Did you read my post? Also, what do you mean... It's not that new.
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Sorry that one was on purpose.
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Awesomeness Like: Able to create and chug in wads to annoy the hell out of noobs. Sawneek is awesome, speed. :D Tails isn't some sort of wuss and Knuckles isn't... retarded.

Sh**yness Like: Sa-city and other hangout wads.
My Pokemon team:
Shing - Staravia - Lvl 31
Jaiz - Uxie - Lvl 52
Smash - Gyarados - Lvl 27
Pochama - Empoleon - Lvl 58
Space - Palkia - Lvl 50
Payback - Drifblim - Lvl 26
Wants a Treecko
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