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Uninteresting the Character
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Default "Refresh" button in Server Selection screen sometimes refuses to show some netgames

I've noticed that if you repeatedly press the "Refresh" button on the Server Selection screen, there's a chance that after the netgames are reloaded, some of them will not display even if they're still active on the Master Server. If you spam the "Refresh" button multiple times, the server count may fall all the way to only two or three visible netgames when it should be displaying more.

Re-setting the room to "All" will revert the bug and display all netgames correctly.

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I've experienced this bug many times when fooling around in the Server Selection screen also; I bet many others have too.
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The one and only!
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I wouldn't call it a bug. You just need to wait if you start to see less servers before you refresh cos then it gives the game time to refresh properly

Thats how i worked around this
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ʇxǝʇ pǝddᴉlɟ ɹɐoɯ ɥʇᴉʍ ʍoN
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It definitely is an issue.
And just waiting often does not work. What works apparently is changing room (had no idea) and, from my experience, going back to the main MP menu then reopening the list. That makes it display the entire list correctly, immediately each time.
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Just a remapper.
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Yeah it's bug is really old to me, and I noticed it on the first weeks I played SRB2 and didn't want to report that because it's going to be fixed or doesn't look a possible issue.
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It's actually a deliberate mechanism designed to discourage people who think that spamming the refresh button actually does anything productive other than kill Alam's bandwidth. [/s]
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