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Tuner Knightmare
Default Fan Characters: Share yours or comment!

Ever made your own custom character from a series? Feel free to share a picutre of it here!
Both of these are from Second Life, I need to find someone doing free comissions so I have something for my avatar on this forum.

Here's Two of mine:
Tuner The hedgehog (First Picture)
Tweak The Fox (Second Picture)

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aka PrismaticAngel

First of all, we can't see your pictures, at least not me. Second, there already was a topic like this and it got closed, so that will probably happen to this here too.
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<toaster> i love when people make videos of my stuff
<toaster> i love you lightspeed
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Torgo's Avatar

I don't think we need an entire topic dedicated to uncreative fan characters. While some can be good, it isn't exactly topic worthy. Besides, we do have an art topic for not 5 minute MS Paint Jobs here.

Just to add to the original statement, we did have a topic similar to this, and it didn't end well.
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