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Project S.O.L.A.R.I.S.
Default SD Gundam: Capsule Fighters.

A very impressive Gundam game was released for free download on the computer, called.. well.. just read the title. The only problem is that the coding of its language both on the home site and in the game itself is Korean. I can play it, seeing how I can read some Korean basic enough which is displayed in the actual gameplay. I just thought that I'd spread the word about the game. I am still unaware of its release for english. And now... screenies!

A player in battle online.

A player browsing for joinable servers.

The advertisement cover, Shining Gundam (center), Gundam Model RX-78, the golden one and the black/red one on far right are unknown to me. .-.
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Back from the dead
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The game looks cool from videos I've seen, but i really wish there was an English version.
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not a loli i swear
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Looks like Exteel. Which means, premium stuff will probably ruin the game later on.
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looks beautifully cool. I wanna try it but cant because I simply cant understand it. -.-
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Chaos Knux
Daww, a mother and her foal
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I know someone who would play this without the need to read. Location?
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