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Default Dissidia: Final Fantasy is finally out in America.

Dissidia came out in America today. Dissidia is a fighting game involving Final Fantasy characters from numerous Final Fantasy games, complete with a story mode. And like Final Fantasy, there is magic, summons, and items that can aid you in your fight. I can't tell you much about it, since I have limited information, but I DO know you can use all character's limit breaks. But anyway,

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one rude dude
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I've been playing Dissidia for a while, and I'm really impressed with it. There's a lot more depth to the game than I had imagined there would be. It does have one major downfall: the story tying all the characters together is absolutely dreadful. I can't take it seriously, but I need to play through it if I want to get any of the good stuff. There is arcade mode, but all the characters are locked to a specific set of abilities and equipment in it. I wonder if hard mode arcade is any different, but I haven't bothered to unlock it yet. Other than the story, though, the game is top-notch. It has decent voice-acting (aside from repetitive in-game clips like shouting attack names and so on), great graphics, what seems to be great music (though I can't really tell since my headphones have died), and even its own "achievements" system.

Thus far I've completed Cecil, Cloud, Squall, Zidane, and Tidus' stories, and I've started on Firion's. I'm not particularly enjoying it because Firion starts with a single slow-moving projectile HP attack for both ground and aerial movesets, which makes it a pain in the ass to actually finish any battles. One might think he would start with more, being a "weapons master", but one would be mistaken. Oh well. My favorite character might be Cecil, but I haven't tried them all just yet.

I almost forgot to mention, after a certain point in story mode you unlock the ability to save battle replays. I haven't looked at this in detail, but you can also use this functionality to save battles to motion jpeg and view them in the XMB or, presumably, copy to your hard drive and upload to Youtube and what have you.

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haha what
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Once you get Tidus to level 50 and get the Jecht Shot this game is cake. I had to Pick someone else just so I can have some challenge.
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Five words... Epic air battle's are awesome!!!
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one rude dude
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In practice, Dissidia battles are basically DBZ battles. We probably have Advent Children to blame for that, but I'm not complaining. One might compare the gameplay of Dissidia with the Tenkaichi series.

Also, this link is for you, ninja:
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I played the wapanese version for a while. I can't wait to get a new PSP to play the Engrish one so I can actually understand it. I liked it a lot, my favorite PSP game.
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this is one of the VERY FEW games that makes me want to buy a psp for.
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